Saturday, August 7, 2010

Remember Me Discussion Group

It's obvious Michael's name is a touchstone for his family. How important is the name of the dead loved one? Who speaks Michael's name and who doesn't? Why, do you think?


LTavares2010 said...

Diane speaks Michael`s name because she is his mother, she tries to seem to her family that is handling well with her loss because of Les, Tyler and especially Caroline. Charles avoids speaking the name of Michael because he tries to live his life on his own way, pretending he is strong but that is why he avoids being with his children, to not talk about Michael. Tyler has Michael`s name tattooed in his chest, he talks with Michael everytime that he is writing in his diary, he loves so much his older brother and this is the way he found to keep Michael`s memory alive in him, to relieve his pain.

Jen said...

Michael being the oldest child in the Hawkins’s family has left his footprints on theirsouls probably more so since his death. Six years have passed since his suicide and the family visits his tombstone and remember him yearly. Diane wants to keep his memory alive and does say Michael would be happy they are still getting together. Carolyn leaves hand painted stones on his tombstone .

Tyler never forgets Tyler, tattooing his chest with his name, writing to him daily,sharing his stories with Caroline so she never forgets her brother and with Ally who he has met and seems to feel comfortable sharing his feelings about Michael to her.

Charles I think has had a hard time dealing with the loss of his oldest son, Having him
work for him instead of pursing the life of a musician and then killing himself on his
22nd birthday. This I am sure has left Charles feeling dismayed, heartbroken and unable to communicate his feelings on how he feels about his son’s death He did almost attack Tyler when he confronted him about how his two surviving children would probably hang themselves. This was probably the first time Charles was made to face the fact that he had kept his feelings to himself and he exploded into a burst of anger with Tyler for telling the truth.

LTavares2010 said...

Sorry, but I cannot resist. I am so happy and proud of Rob!!
It is really important.
ROB WON MOVIE ACTOR DRAMA FOR REMEMBER ME at the Teen Choice Awards 2010!!!! Congratulations Rob!!!

"Its great to win something outside of Twilight" - Rob accepting his teen choice award"

P.S. I am going to thank all my students. They voted a lot in Rob and in Remember Me.

jessegirl said...

I've written about this elsewhere, but the name of the loved dead one is so very important. The name spoken aloud to others is a sort of resurrection and is also a way to show others that that person mattered. If one does not mention the name it is as if everything is buried and s/he exists no more, not even in memory.

Charles thinks about Michael--after all, he has him on his screen saver--but doesn't name him. In fact, he avoids this, and is visibly uncomfortable at the sweets shop, displaying nervous gestures throughout.

Diane does mention him, knowing instinctively how important it is and wanting the family to remember out loud.

Tyler always says Michael's name, and shows his remembrance in so many ways. Yes, tattoo. Yes to photographs all over his living room. Yes talking to him and writing to him in his journal throughout the movie. Yes, talking to Caroline about him, passing on Michael's legacy with things like the book on Greek myths and telling her a Michael story while doing so. Then later, reading to her from it, probably reliving Michael's influence with the book. Yes, hearing his name called in the alley as if it was in the foreground of what was happening, not the background. Yes, talking to Ally about him on more than one occasion. Yes, confronting his Dad about him. For Tyler, Michael is everywhere.

Neil also mentions Michael's name, but as part of the research on the family, and in a clinical way, 'death by hanging', a phrase which is almost designed to set Tyler off.

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