Monday, August 9, 2010

Remember Me Discussion Group

If Ally had a crystal ball that saw into the future, would she have done anything differently?


Loreto said...

Just one word for that: totally.

LTavares2010 said...

Well, hypothetically speaking, depending on the scope of vision of this crystal ball, Ally certainly would have saved not only Tyler but she could have changed the course of history worldwide. If she could not do anything to change the fact that he would die anyway in any other situation, I think she would forgive him, she would continue living with Tyler, making love with him, seeing his beautiful smile, she would have stayed with him all the time, till the end.

kat said...

I've always wondered that if she had had an inkling of how short her time with Tyler was going to be would she have left or would she have yelled at him and listened and not have shut him out.

Does she later regret the lost time that she could have had.

Or was that "betrayal" too much, even knowing that.

Sarah said...

I don't know if she would have to change something. I mean Ally did nothing wrong, and besides that I think her decision to 'break up' was essential, because it caused Tyler to realise how much in love he is with her.
They both had to go through the fight and the breaking up ti understand their feelings and enjoy every moment with each other.
So the question would be: if Tyler had a crystal ball, what would he have done? Would he have run the risk to speak to Ally and let the love in?

Besides that nothing can be changed: it's fate. They both took the good decisions. Life broke them apart and that's all (even though that's already a lot!)...They've nothing to regret, and I think that's why Ally is smiling in the finale scene. Yes it ended, but thanks God it had started first of all.

Well that's my opinion. I don't know if you'll get my point of view ^^

ceecee said...

I think it would have stayed the same. She was too hurt over his betrayal and I don't think there would be any change at all.

jessegirl said...

Controlling fate is harder than one thinks.
There are a number of issues here.

First, I don't think forgiveness can be had instantly. I actually think Ally forgave Tyler pretty soon--within a week--perhaps realizing he really didn't mean to hurt her. That was really important though. If it hadn't happened before the film ended, she could not have sat on the subway with that luminous smile on her face. She would have had to work through a lot more.
I agree, Sarah, that she had to break up with him first; he had to realize the effect of his game, no matter if he wasn't as culpable as if he'd orchestrated it maliciously. So, Sarah, not just so Tyler would realize how much in love he was, but also to face his guilty conscience and square things away with Ally somehow. Know what I mean? For Tyler's spiritual development, this is crucial.
Because it's about a whole lot more than just feelings and enjoying each other's company. It's about a whole lot more than just seizing the day. Living in the moment, living life fully, is important, but that actually is more complicated, I think, than many people watching this movie realize.

In fact, it's a good question. What does 'living in the moment, or moments' mean? Does it mean squeezing every bit of pleasure from it? Does it mean connecting with people on a deeper level, esp. your loved ones? Does it mean checking things off your 'bucket list'? What does it mean?

Second, back to Fate. Well, if it were me, I'd never let Tyler back into that tower again, and would tell Charles to give his employees Sept. 11 off. Well, if she had knowledge of the terrorist attack she would have felt obligated to inform the powers that be as well. Knowledge is not only power; it is responsibility, and the bigger the thing you know,the more responsibility you have.

Bottom lining it: Don't let Tyler into that building, ever.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I can hardly think she would not have done everything she could to prevent Tyler from dying. She would have squared things with him, she would have (justly) raged at him and found some way to rightly punish him and make him realize his mistake. But she would have forgiven him. She would have known deep inside thta he really loves her even if it all started on a lie. Oh, and I think she would have given hell to Aidan, too. As jesse says, she probably forgave him pretty quick: so little time seems to pass between the break-up scene and their getting back together. And they were obviously very much in love on their last day together.
It's a profound question though, and a dangerous one, if you delve deep into it. The perilous game of "what-ifs"... What would we do if we could see the future? @jesse - I love your comment about the "Live in the moments" things. Really good point. I'm going to have to think about that seriously!

Jen said...

We could assume if Ally had looked into a crystal ball and foreseen the future she
could of said I’ll pass and not get involved or she could of done what she did.

Tyler with Aiden’s insistence got involved with Ally to hurt her and he did. He meets
her and is surprised with how she is going to do things, Dessert first, she wants the Panda and no kiss then relents and kisses him. She is in control. Second date he laughs when she says she only does coasters on the third date making me think this might be the last date. He makes all kinds of facial expression so Aiden knows she is the Cop’s daughter and they proceed to give her “One drink” It was interesting that she goes back to his
apartment after her Father slaps her and she leaves. Was she taken by Tyler or did she truly not have anywhere else to go?

Tyler I think realizes that Ally is not going to be a one night stand. He makes love to her, leaves a note telling her not to leave and goes to write to his brother about her. He shares his history about Michael with her and even makes sure Charles meets just her at dinner. Tyler includes Ally in his family life I think falling in love with her and making sure she is welcomed. Caroline knows she’s no random girl but Tyler’s girlfriend so even she knows he cares for Ally.

When Ally Slaps and breaks up with Tyler he is shocked, he keeps telling her it doesn’t have to be this way and it doesn’t matter. I think he realizes his revenge game blew up in his face and he has lost the girl he loves. Tyler knows by his actions that he was at fault.

I think had Ally seen him suffering in her crystal ball she would of gone back to him
without Aiden‘s help. This couple loved each other and it was tragic that he like many people were killed on this Horrific day. I think Ally had it in her heart to forgive as she saw the anger her Father carried around because he couldn’t save her Mother on the day she was murdered. After losing Tyler she faced her demon and got on the train not letting another thing control her life but always knowing she had found a true love once in her life.

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