Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Remember Me Discussion Group

Why does Ally first bring up that she was with her mother when she was murdered to Charles?

Why does Tyler get upset?


ceecee said...

Maybe, in a way, she could identify with Charles in that respect and felt better bringing it up because they were having a comfortable dinner at that time. I don't think she thought she could because Tyler was always so moody and so reluctant to talk about Michael to her. She didn't know a whole lot about the brother from what we saw. I think Tyler got upset because she didn't tell him first. I think he thought she was getting too comfortable with Charles when Tyler has had a very uncomfortable relationship with him and here she is-his girlfriend, laughing and joking with him. I think Tyler felt like it was too much.

LTavares2010 said...

Ally first bring up that she was with her mother when she was murdered to Charles at that moment because she must have found it was the right thing to say, she felt the animosity between father and son, then she shocked Charles with her revelation and she got what she wanted. Charles began talking to her and stopped to bothering Tyler. He was impressed with her strenght and frankness and became more open in the conversation.
Of course Tyler was upset because he didn`t know that Ally had witnessed her mother's death. He was in love with her and he felt betrayed because she didn`t tell him before but do not think she had the intention of hurting him. Just a thought.

Jen said...

I think Ally told Charles about her Mother because he seemed to be interested in her family. He asked how long her Father had been a cop and so I think she felt comfortable
In telling him about her mother when he asked for her. I think she was just telling Charles about her life.

Tyler is upset that Ally revealed her being present when her Mother was murdered to
Charles and not him simply because he had shared so much about Michael to her. It was obvious that Ally realized she had hurt Tyler by this reveal as she looked at him with
concern and gentleness in her eyes when he confronted her about talking about it.

jessegirl said...

What did Tyler say? "Why do you say this now?"
I understand what you all have given as reasons why Ally might reveal this important knowledge at that time, but, with Tyler, I also wonder anyway. It was an intimate fact, a huge reveal, and Tyler felt like second fiddle, knowing she'd told her father before she'd confided in him. Especially when he had been sharing details about Michael to her all along. Perhaps there was a little ego involved because this was revealed not just to anyone, but to his adversary and antagonist, Charles. But it's such a personal thing and I think Tyler wanted her to tell him, alone, first.
Perhaps, knowing Tyler's baggage, Ally couldn't figure out when or how to tell Tyler, I don't know.
But this is still a question mark for me.

I agree with Jen that Tyler would be hurt that she hadn't confided in him. Also, how is Tyler supposed to react in that public place, with his Dad right there? I think it was an odd reveal.

Alexander said...

I think Tyler´s not angry. He feels like guilty for "playing" with her. He doesn´t know this part of her life, so in that moment, he feels bad.

kat said...

I think that she was trying to let them know that their animosity was wasting time that they would later regret. All this anger and constant nitpicking, especially from Tyler. I think it was a spur of the moment comment, she didn't think about how it would affect Tyler until after it came out of her mouth. And it's another similarity between them (sort of) with her being there and Tyler finding his brother.

Sarah said...

Yeah, Alexander, I have to say I share your opinion.
I'm not sure that Tyler is actually jealous: there is no reason for him to be. I mean, we're not talking about a joke Ally would have told Charles and not him. It's such more important and serious.
I don't think he was angry, I think he was...upset, even kind of disgusted when picturing that little girl watching her mother's dead body. In such a moment, you can't think of a son/father rivalry: Tyler is not that immature. I think he realizes at that moment how close they both are with their tragic memories: Tyler found Michael, Ally witnessed her mother's murder. Thinking of her drama, he can't help but think of his own: they're like deeply connected, now.
If Tyler is reacting that way, it's probably because he's sad and if he must be angry, it's probably against life itself!!

jessegirl said...

Alexander, thanks for reminding us of that. Good reminder!

Kat...I think you're right, too, about trying to let the men know that they would regret the fighting, wasting time, as you say.

I do think, though, Tyler would be hurt. He is immature in the way he deals with his Dad, and the Oak Room scene shows us he was itching for a fight, for no reason really.

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