Thursday, February 18, 2010

Remember Me Premiere Ticket Auction

The Picture House is a non-profit film organization and were just offered two tickets to the NYC premiere of Remember Me and party. They will be auctioning them off soon via on-line auction, the profit of which will go toward their mission of restoring the 1921 theater and building a film and education center.

The Picture House has been a cultural icon of southern Winchester county for over 90 years. The first part of their two part mission consists of bringing great films, including commercial, independent and documentaries from around the world. Often times, filmmakers are invited to participate in panels and discussions and to share their work.

The second part of their mission is to give school age children the opportunity to see and discuss great films and to give them an inside look into all aspects of film making.

In order to get the information needed to participate in this auction, you will need to sign up on their email list here:
The Picture House

For more information on The Picture House and their mission, please click here:
The Picture House - About Us

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