Sunday, March 28, 2010

Emilie de Ravin talks with The

Emilie de Ravin talks with Rosamund Witcher from The Independent.UK about fame, New York and home.

Emilie de Ravin -She's busy making up for Lost time

By Rosamund Witcher

With her new film, Emilie de Ravin has hit the jackpot. Not only does she get to cavort in steamy scenes with heartthrob du jour Robert Pattinson (OMG! RPattz!) in Remember Me, but she gets to bask in the heat of a talked-about movie that, without Pattinson's involvement, may have been another under-the-radar romantic drama.

Pattinson's first project since the unprecedented success of the Twilight films sees him as an angry rich kid – sans creepy vampire makeup – who falls in love with a ballsy young philosophy student, played by de Ravin. At 28 – five years Pattinson's senior – she is still girlish enough to pass for 21.

You'll most likely recognise the Australian actress de Ravin as the young mother Claire in Lost (currently in its explosive sixth series on Sky1), but her association with Pattinson has catapulted her into the celebrity weeklies.

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