Tuesday, March 30, 2010

TNT Magazine talks with Emilie de Ravin

TNT Magazine chatted with Emilie de Ravin recently about Remember Me and Lost.

Remember Me star Emilie de Raven talks Robert Pattinson and Lost

The former Melbourne, now LA-based, TV and film star opens up to TNT.

Remember Me is a romantic drama set in New York. What’s your experience of dating in big lonely cities?

It is difficult. People just end up meeting in bars. No one’s actually walking around and interacting. Online dating and all these things … they’re so fake, I’m sure people aren’t really writing proper profiles. It’s all such a game instead of it just being an organic process.

So, to the most important question …What was it like to kiss your Remember Me co-star Robert Pattinson?

I’m so curious about what people want me to say! Do people want a description of his mouth?

Well, is he a good kisser? Girls want to know and you’ve been there …

Yeah, been there, done that, and ticked that one off! He’s a great guy and everything was just very comfortable.

For the rest of the interview, please click here:
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