Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 16

Seeing #RememberMe again 2day. What a beautiful story. - JJElektric

Saw it last night! It was great! - timimika

The film was great! Many watched it here (Philippines)!

Loved it. I feel like that movie really made an impact on me. Absolutely wonderful - CubsFanSRL

saw the movie last night,not what i expected,love rob,all the cast was good,it left me a little disturbed,what an endingxoxo - blondissima1

Saw @remembermefilm again.Such a strong movie. So many mixed emotions.. Can't describe it.. I'm speechless. vsantoss

Just saw the movie and it was great. Love Robert. - HeatherRoXyGirl

#RememberMe great and moving film. Spreading the word to anyone who will listen. - mitts402002

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Jane said...

I watched it yesterday with my friend and we felt it inside, on our skin-everywhere!
This movie is great, the acting is gread and the idea is great as well.
It became one of the best movies on my top list.
I believed the story and can`t stop thinking of so many important things in our lives.
Thank u for creating it.

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