Thursday, May 13, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #40

"Don't worry. I'll share"


Heidi said...

Ah, the dessert scene. The is where Tyler really becomes intrigued with how Ally presents herself. By the way he acts, he hasn't met a woman like her before. Really love his facial expressions here. And she is so serious when describing how she eats dessert first...I know that gets his attention and throws him off a bit. I applaud whoever thought of the "dessert first" idea-simple yet meaningful. At this point she is becoming interested in him, but still keeping her guard up.

And my rant of the day: I know this has been mentioned before, but I'll say it again-Remember Me not being nominated for any MTV Awards...okay, it's not the Oscars, but couldn't this movie at least have been recognized for something? So disappointing.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I wonder if the "dessert first" idea is something Will Fetters or someone from the film picked from real life experience. It kinds of sounds very real and true, not like something invented. I'm curious about it. I'm actually dying to try that in some restaurant - asking the wiater if I could have my dessert first - but sofar I've chickened out. Has anyone ever given it a try?

instntkarmagirl said...

I love this "getting to know you scene." It's the perfect beginning to a first date where everything's interesting know, not.

I love the "Don't worry, I'll share" bit. It's slightly sexy but totally telling of her good nature and humor.

I like that before or after, Tyler DOESN'T order desert, just his entree and a beer. That's so Tyler, not really living while Ally takes the best part of life and puts it first.

I don't personally think ANY in this movie is just an off the cuff add in.

From the previous post, I don't think Aiden's tattoo was just added in for effect. It may or may not be in the script but at some point the writer and directer discussed it and made a decision on if it worked or not. People who craft characters as in depth as these don't add things willy-nilly...and if they did in this case, bravo to them because it's seamless.

Also, of course everything we say here is speculation as we're not the author of the script...but that's what I love about well-written movies...what the audience is left with, what they want to speculate about.

I would say based on our discussions, that Will Fetters = Win.

LTavares2010 said...

Ally is a pragmatic woman, perhaps a characteristic inherited from her mother ( Helen Craig seemed to me a brave woman ) or by the trauma caused by Helen murder. She is a strong person and her theory about the dessert is really interesting and shows that she likes living the moments, she wants to enjoy the good things now and not leaving for later , she does not like to make plans to the future, because she does not know how it will be.
Tyler becomes curious and interested to know Ally better because he feels not only a mere physical attraction but an attraction for her strong personality, the look of Ally is very strong, she is a survivor, is a determined woman, despite her own problems, it becomes the driving force behind Neil and she will do the same for Tyler. She causes a great change in his relationship with Charles. She'll make Tyler leave the nightmare of guilt and anger that he lives at the same time. Guilt for not having arrived in time to save Michael, for not having noticed what was happening with his brother and anger because he blames Michael of leaving him alone. In the final, she makes Tyler accept its limitations and understand that there was nothing he could do, and that only him is responsible for his life, nobody else. Now he is ready to forgive Michael, and above all accept his father the way he is.

P.S. Sorry, but I can`t resist: HAPPY BIRTHDAY ROB!!! Health, love and more success for you. Thank you so much for doing, and doing so nicely, Tyler Hawkins and making me discover such a great film like Remember Me. God bless you Rob!!

"Has anyone ever given it a try?" No. I am so coward.(LOL)

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

@LTavares - hello! I'm such a coward too. But I'm sure that one day, I will try asking for dessert first. And just like you, I can't resist - so I also wish Rob a Happy Birthday!

Natalie said...

I have dessert first at home sometimes, but I haven't dared to do it at a restaurant yet. They'd probably look at me funny. That's what I like about Ally though, she seems strong enough to not care what others think or say about her strange habit.

And because I can't resist either...Happy Birthday Rob! Thanks for choosing to be involved in such intriguing movies! I'm always excited to see what's next for you. Can't wait for Bel Ami and Water for Elephants!

jessegirl said...

Heidi...I'm disappointed about the awards and RM too but I'm resigned in a sad way. I'll never again have the same attitude to them. Remember Me is a full-throttle masterpiece, from beginning to end, with not a false note, not a wasted moment. If it is not recognized by any of these awards, my respect for them sinks.

I agree with what you all say about Ally, one heckofa strong young woman, arguably the strongest character in the film. She has risen from her past trauma and pain and found a healthy way to meet each day, taking the best whenever she can and living it, and the dessert first idea is the reference to that.
Rob's facial expressions during this scene are priceless, totally genuine and revealing. He needs say nothing much. Man, he's such a great visual actor!

LTavares...I'll have to think a bit about your interesting comments about the changes she instills in Tyler. Not to negate what you say but I haven't thought much about this yet. Trust you to get me going. I'll have to reach into my memory however, because the film has now gone out of my city.

I like that Ally offers to share. It ends the dessert talk nicely and draws him in and shows her confidence again. As all of you have noted, he is entranced by her weird and quirky ideas, has obviously never thought that way himself. He now knows that this woman will surprise him and it intrigues him. She's not just a pretty face, or a victim.

LTavares2010 said...

Don`t worry about it. they are only thoughts, things I felt when I saw the film and things I still feel sometimes, especially when I write my comments, listening this beautiful RM soundtrack ( thank you Kat!!). It is very inspiring and refreshes my memory. My opinions are not absolute truths. (LOL ) Feel free to disagree if you want, remember you are not in the other site, you know where. (LOL) I am a Peace and Love girl !!!

kat said...

A group of us were in the Gandhi and were talking about ordering desert first but were afraid they would throw us out. :) I did order chicken tikki marsala and a King Fisher.

What I really like about Ally in this scene is that she is still not too overly impressed by him (yet) and is not trying to do things to impress him, but will be herself first. She is a strong girl. Tyler doesn't laugh but trys to draw out why. She fascinates him even nore with this quirk. And the whole dessert discussion is carefully crafted piece of foreshadowing.

On Aidan's tat - that was in the original script.

And I am so glad you all like the score. I was hoping that when I added it. Thought it might be nice to listen to while you all write and read. I just love it and can listen to it all day long.

kat said...

I too was quite sad that nothing was nominated for MTV. I know that it's just a popularity contest and I also believe they picked who they wanted to pick and what would help draw the highest ratings, but it still would have been nice. As I tweeted yesterday, MTV akong with most critics are now dead to me.

jessegirl said...

Oh Kat, I love the score!! Thanks again. It puts me in mind of the film and yet allows me to imagine as well. It was so well done and subtly placed, to underscore the drama. Except at the very end montage when it made you cry and hope and all that. That was a superb endnote.

Oh I didn't think Aiden's tattoo had been pasted in later, just that it was a visual which would let the audience know quickly how Aiden chose to memorialize Tyler. (After all, the younger generation employs body art all the time as a matter of course anyway.)

Why does everyone think ordering dessert first would take courage? I don't go out much but I don't see why any restaurant serving you would object. It's their job to serve you.

I've had my say about the blasted awards, but it is disheartening and depressing that the only time in a decade that I've been enthusiastic enough about a film to care, it is tanked before it has had a chance to work its magic. As a side note to that, I've also found out how much/little influence my recommendation has on my friends and family. That's been an eye opener, let me tell you.

Okay, off topic...sorry.
Guess it's morning for you, Kat? It's 2:18 in the Eastern Daylight Savings Time Zone.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

@kat - That was a lovely idea to add the score to the site. I went to Mixpod too and tried to make my own playlist to see if I could do the same on my site, but it never worked - I'm so stupid with technology!
I love the idea you actually went to Gandhi'restaurant and ordered chicken tikka massala and a KingFisher!

Jen said...

I loved this first date scene, Ally is completely comfortable in ordering dessert first making Tyler wonder what the heck she is doing. His repsonse to her request is a riot when he asks her, "If this is a political statement or a medical condition maybe"...I found the scene fun as an obvious first date ice breaker...Ally is very comfortable within herself. Tyler is surprised with her choice and I think intrigued with her response that if he can promise her she can get through her entree without dying then she will wait. Her saying she will share was a wonderful tibit for him to think about she obviously was not stingy. In my opinion she put herself on equal ground with him by expressing her thoughts and why she chose dessert first. He probably never met anyone like her before. ;)

jessegirl said...

Jen, welcome to the fray! Nice you came over. xo
I, too, love his line about the political statement or medical condtion. And his expressions throughout this exchange are priceless. His incredulity. Man, gotta hand it to Ally, who, as you say, puts herself squarely on equal footing with him, lets him know it right off the bat. Go, girl!

Jen said...

HI Jessegirl, Thanks for the welcome...Yes Ally is interested in Tyler but she is going to let him know that she is no fool and someone your not going to toy with and she is obviously not like the typical bimbo he's been dealing with...I think she intrigued and probably put a spark of life back into him. :)

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