Saturday, May 15, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #38

"Get your filthy hands off my sister."


Anonymous said...

Oh I love Aiden. I love him to the extreme. He is incredibly sweet with Caroline and he doesn't have to be. He loves her because Tyler loves her (I've only seen him look at one other woman like that and she shares his DNA).

I find him the perfect characterization of a 20something guy. Seemingly careless, but with a good heart.

I <3 Aiden.

LTavares2010 said...

Aidan trying to dance with Caroline is so funny and the way Tyler seemed a bit jealous, it is delightful. It is the normal reaction of a brother with his sister. It is one of the good moments of the film when part of the family and friends are together. Tyler, Aidan, Caroline and Ally are so relaxed, really enjoying themselves. Very realistic moment, adorable.

Heidi said...

I have to say I love Aidan, too. I've heard some people complain about his character and say he is annoying. I find him adorable and witty. The funny moments he brings are much needed otherwise Remember me would be too dark and somber. We all need a little Aidan in our lives to make us laugh when we need it the most.

jessegirl said...

Caroline and Tyler are a great pair because they know they can play together, without the heaviness of the grief all the others feel invading that. And I agree with you all that Aiden is the comic relief without which this film would be one heckuva downer.

When Caroline broached the subject of a birthday party to Tyler she specifically wanted Aiden there, remember? She knew what he would bring to the mix, what was sorely needed. And Aiden is the one who, another time at the beach house, entertains them with his zany antics in the charade game (apparently this scene was cut down).

But, as I've just come from commenting again on the #39 quote, here's the thing. This Tyler quote about his sister comes as his mother has just hugged him, after he agrees to get Charles to the art show. What I saw was Tyler using any excuse he could to get away from Diane, emotionally and physically remove himself from her sphere, and cutting in on Aiden and Caroline's dance was his out. I don't think he believed what he said for a moment ('filthy hands off my sister'). He knew it was good fun and he said it in jest, but the reason he interrupted at all was to get away from Diane. That is so clear. -If we're talking about the quote.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

@jessegirl : "the reason he interrupted at all was to get away from Diane". Exactly. You've nailed it. I was amazed at the way how Rob pulled perfectly that fleeting little moment -getting away from his mother, physically and emotionally. It was all there, done to perfection. Great acting - nothing is said, everything is implied, and you totally get it. It's so clear, so real. I felt I had already seen such a moment in my own life.

Anonymous said...

This is why I think the writing is so great because little moments like this. It was his diversion, it was his way of emotionally changing the subject.

Anonymous said...

do you know the name of the song that is playing when they are dancing?

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