Saturday, July 24, 2010

Remember Me Discussion Group

What's your favorite scene?


InstantKarmaGirl said...

Can I put a finger on my FAVORITE scene?
But if I had to choose one this very second, it would be the moment Tyler's finger stretches out to touch the mouse.

Before I saw what was popping up, I knew what it would be, and I started crying then.

This moment of realization that he's loved...that his father DOES love him...that he's worthy of love...that's just such a precious moment.

And then Tyler staring out into the beautiful blue sky the likes of which New York hadn't seen in ages...and the camera pans back and I said "Oh, no." I broke.

Everything narrowed into what this story was meant to be, meant to do.

It made me love this dysfunctional family like it was my own. It made me root for a wide variety of characters and hurt for them...and then reminded me that so many people kissed their loved ones goodbye and never came home.

I wish I had some way of letting the filmmakers know what they've done for me. I cannot think of another movie that has been as meaningful to me as this one.

It has helped me understand that while I stopped thinking about that event, I'd never actually dealt with it.

I could go on and on about what it felt like watching the event unfold. I wasn't there, but I don't think anyone who watched it on TV went away unchanged.

So freakin' heartbreaking.

I feel inadequate trying to express my thoughts and feelings about this movie.

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imloco2 said...

I'll sign the petition, but I'm quite sure that they'll get US distribution. It's inconceivable that they wouldn't. He's a big name and even though RM didn't do great here, I think it did well enough to get his other movies opened in the US.

As for favorite scene. Wow, that's a hard one. I love almost every scene in the movie. Almost every one is special for different reasons. If I was forced to choose, yikes, let me think. Um... it's kind of weird, but there are two that are tied for first place. 1. is the scene where Tyler goes up to his dad's work and sees the pics on the computer and then looks out the window. So devastating, but emotional and poignant and real and beautiful in a terrible sort of way. It changed the whole focus of the movie, brought some resolution and cemented the characters relationships. Just a powerful scene. 2 though is the fight scene with Ally's dad and just afterward. I've seen a lot of fight scenes and that felt so real to me. I thought Rob really nailed that whole thing. Not just the physical part of it, but the self loathing and the frustration too. And when he was standing by the window waiting for Ally to show up, you could read all the emotions on his face, the fear of what she would say when she found out, the resolution to come clean. I don't think I'm reading all this into his performance either.

One refrain I keep hearing all over the web now that the movie is out on dvd is that people are surprised at how good Rob is and how real it all feels. And I have to say it's true. If it didn't feel real the ending...well, it would still pack a punch, but it wouldn't be the same kind of soul shattering that so many of us feel I don't think.

LTavares2010 said...

I have many favorite scenes in RM. I love all the scenes where Tyler interacts with Caroline, especially the ones after the incident with her hair ( when they talk in her bed and when he enters in the classroom with Caroline). They were very emotive.
I love the scenes when Tyler and Ally are together at the fair, at the restaurant, in his apartment, the moment when she sees his tattoo and the way Tyler looks at Ally, broke my heart, the scenes when they make love are natural, hot, very sensual . For concluding, I love the scenes between Tyler and Aidan too. They are all fun, especially the one at the bookstore.
This film is another good film made by Allen Coulter ( if you like him too, take a look at the TV serie Rubicon, it has some elements of the plot of RM, Coulter is the producer and he directed the pilot) and for a first work, Will Fetters did it very well.
I love all the cast of RM, especially Chris Cooper, Emily, Tate, Ruby and Rob. They are very talented and they made me appreciate their works even more.

@silent minority
Thanks for the information.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

If I really have to choose, -and that is so difficult, I think my favorite is the scene starting when Tyler and Ally are in the flat and Tyler walks so slowly towards Ally leaning agains the doorframe. Then he extends his hand to caress her face... Not a word is spoken, it's so beautful, so intense.

jessegirl said...

First of all, Karma...I loved what you said. Please may I quote you in one of my articles? I've just written one on the Ending but would like to include your quote:
"Everything narrowed into what this story was meant to be, meant to do.

It made me love this dysfunctional family like it was my own. It made me root for a wide variety of characters and hurt for them...and then reminded me that so many people kissed their loved ones goodbye and never came home."

jessegirl said...

Oh Rum, when he walks to her slowly, that orange poster behind him! Had no breath then.

And all of you have mentioned moments I love too. This question just makes me realize what a perfect little movie this is, because I'll be damned if I can name my favourite. Some of the same moments you've all mentioned, yes. Also:
-looks on Tyler's face in the Gandhi restaurant;
-up against the wall passion;
-Alice statue with Caroline;
-Jail with Aiden;
-reading to Caroline (one of the top best moments):
-Tyler and Caroline walking outside her school, when he gives her the book and talks 'French' to her.
-his last scene in the office, -can't go there.

SchuylerRPATZ!!LOVER FOR LIFE! said...

I agree with Karma What you said really stood out to me when i also watched that scene,but there are many scenes that are my favorite,but my most favorite scene is tyler being like bailed out of jail for the second time but this time he is with his father and tyler see's a little that his father changes a little and when charles tells tyler that he will take caroline to school,that made tyler think now that his father has changed and is sticking up to his kids.

gigileo said...

So many wonderful scenes in this fabulous movie ! It's impossible to pick one ! I love the scene where Ally is about to leave in the cab and, after he talks to her, she finally kisses him and he says 'good' - I love how vulnerable he is at that moment. The love scene is beautiful. The way they are together during the week-end at the beach and when they come back in the train. And obviously the end when hope of a good future with father/son - ally/tyler is so big and he goes looks out of the window and you know it's going to be over... I get all upset even just writing about it... Such an amazing movie - I do hope the DVD release will make people realize what they have missed if they didn't see it before.

sarah said...

There are so many scenes, it's quite hard to choose. My cousin loves the scene on the beah when Ally pounces on Tyler: she thinks the action is genuine and spontaneous.
Oh I'll probably say my favorite scene is the last one between Tyler and Ally when he says he loves her. I love the way he says it, love Ally's reaction and most of all love the plan of their two emotional! Just great.
Then I have to agree with you all guys and your favorite moments. I like them too

BellaMarie247 said...

The scene at the very beginning with Tyler sitting on the fire escape, drinking a beer after waking up next to some random when he's climbing back in the window and falls onto the floor.
I don't know why, I just love that every time I watch this film, and despite my emotional devastation, I watch it alot. I show it to everyone I can and enjoy their reactions: shock, tears, and remembering that awful day.
Invariably, they all think it was a great film that surprised them with it's intensity, excellent acting, and heartbreaking storyline.
And always the same thought: You have got to make the most of every day here on this good Earth.

Jen said...

I loved the movie and the scenes that I liked have already been taken. So I will tell you
Some scenes that showed some humor and tenderness in Tyler.

When Tyler tells Aidan he is not going to meet the cop’s daughter and Aiden Tells him yes you are.

When Tyler invites Ally to his apartment and he offers her a coaster and she says “I don’t do coasters till the 3rd date and he laughs( like what 3rd date.)

When Aiden comes into the room and Tyler is introducing her to him and is making all kinds of weird faces to let Aiden know she’s the cop’s daughter.

When Ally is throwing up and Tyler is gently holding her hair out of her face. How many
Guys would do that. LOL

When Aiden tells Tyler the SLUT tote would of worked and Tyler says no and Aiden Asks him if it was too soon and Tyler said yes.

When Tyler gentle pats Alley’s hair at the Beach house a look of tenderness on his face
Showing that he loves her.

When Ally tells Tyler it’s dirty pool using his sister and he asks her if it’s working and
She says “ maybe “ the look, smile and joy on his face was glorious.

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