Monday, July 26, 2010

Remember Me Discussion Group

Why does Charles keep his colleagues in the boardroom during Tyler's tirade, to the point of saying, 'Sit the fuck down!' ?


LTavares2010 said...

In my opinion there are three possible answers to this question: 1. he wanted to show how powerful he is, not giving importance to the complaints of his son, as if Charles was telling his colleagues, with this attitude, that the discussion with Tyler wouldn`t last long; 2. intentionally he wanted to provoke his son, not giving him some privacy or 3. fear of being alone with Tyler and loosing control, hurting his son. I prefer to think that the third answer is the more logical one.
Charles has been holding a lot of pressure for a long time: demands of work, responsabilities of keeping his status of a well succeeded man in order to keep a standard high-level social, to provide financially to his family the best possible way (even not giving money to Tyler, I'm sure he cares to have funds to help his son if he needs help and mainly the tragic loss of his firstborn.
Charles seems to have being educated to be an old fashion man: to be a provider to his family, not to show weakness, to hide emotions, to be strong, to be a winner. It must be a great suffering to him to be a proud man full time, he doesn`t understand why his son does not try to live his life the better way he can, studying to have a career and a promising work, for Charles, what happened to Michael it isn`t an excuse for Tyler to be the way he is. About Caroline, Charles must think she is well because she has the support of her mother and that is all that a girl needs.
I confess that Charles is still a mystery for me, like Diane. They are much more than the words they say, their actions, their omissions. They just don`t perceive what is going on with their children because they aren`t capable to face their own demons.

Anonymous said...

I think that Charles was trying to make a point in that room. He was trying to prove that what his was saying didn't bother him. He was trying to act strong and at the same time, tell his employee's that this wouldn't last long. For the better part of the argument, Charles was just throwing stuff out there to Tyler, but one quote really stuck with me: "Do you think that what you feel in your heart, I don't also feel in mine?" See, Tyler was still struggling with Michael's death and that quote from the father showed that he also was still struggling.

Anonymous said...

To establish his dominance and make it known to his colleagues as well as Tyler, who tries to challenge it.

BellaMarie247 said...

I've wondered about this also...why would he do that? Make everyone uncomfortable and then make them feel worse for trying to leave! It looked like a simple show of power, from a powerful man used to having things his own way. Giving Tyler no special treatment because he was behaving badly in his eyes, he made everyone witness what he has to go through with his son. But then, a glimmer of heart, a small crack in his facade appears as he tells Tyler his heart is also broken.
Such an interesting scene...

jessegirl said...

Anonymouses and BellaMarie...great to have new voices. This particular scene I will not comment on here because I have more than had my say on it in previous posts.
However, if you are interested in what 'the old guard' here said about it, at great length, I direct you to these two posts:
April 28, I think, under the quote: "You think, whatever you feel in your heart, I don't feel in mine?" Countdown quote #55. And
May 5, I think, under the quote: "She drew you a picture ...and you didn't come." Countdown quote #48.

We became heavily involved in this scene as a group and it was very interesting.

BellaMarie247 said...

Thank you so very much, Jesse! I have been at this since early this morning and the day has just completely gotten away from me. I totally enjoyed reading everyone's comments and at your suggestion will check out some of the older posts. I'm just sorry I didn't know about this site sooner.
Thanks again!

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