Wednesday, August 25, 2010

A Little Help - Artwork in Remember Me

Miko has commented this question:
"There is a black on black painting in Tyler's apt..... a two-part series of a black circle on black background and then below it, a black square on black background. Does anyone know whose paintings these are? Tx."

Anyone know?


WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Kat, I've tried to find out (I was curious too!) but sofar to no avail!
They may have been made on purpose for the film. I think they do have a meaning and a role though. My theory is that the one with the square reflects the square logo of Charles's company (you can see it on the secretary's computer screen and in the hall). The other one, the one with the spiralling circle, might be a reflection of the golden chest-like statue with a hole in its middle.
The "hole" theme means grief, like a hole in your chest left by the loss of a loved one. My idea is that if the hole is square, it means you're trying to control your pain : Charles tries to do it through his work (company square logo). The presence of the square in Tyler's flat might mean that Tyler is also trying to exert some other form of control to master his pain, going another way than that chosen by his father, but still there is a similarity with Charles (although Tyler probably would refuse to acknowledge it!)
The hollow, round hole means grief (Neil picking up his dead wife's wedding-ring, Diane wearing a huge ring on her neck in the first graveyard scene, the statue with the hole in Charles'office). I think this painting with the spiralling circle symbolizes Tyler's loss and grief too, but it's a variant : the spiral is a strong, violent movement, indicating that Tyler is conflicted and passionate. The 2 patings are a good symbol for his temperament : on the one hand he tries to master himself geenrally, but he sometimes erupts into bouts of violence.
The two paintings convey the similar grief which Tyler and his father feel for Michael and pint at some very real similarities between father and son, even though they are constantly fighting.
What do you think ? ...

kat said...

If you can't find a reference, then I agree that they were probably made for the film.

Very interesting observations. I didn't notice the corporate logo before, but now that you mention it, it is all over the place - on the door, behind the receptionist and behind Charles. And the items with holes on them are all over the place and everyone has one that related to them that are different.

Gahh...we need more director / producer commentary!!

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Kat - I've been lazy and although I've had the UK DVD since it was released, I havent't listened to the commentary yet. I think I was maybe a bit afraid they would shatter all my ideas and theories about the film and its symbols :)) by giving us entirely different explanations. But you seem to say these things are not mentioned, so I can still be a bit creative and have fun imagining my own explanations... without th director and producer stepping it and telling me I'm wrong - lol. I wish I could meet them and ask them all my questions - if I were to write them down all, I would have a three meter long scroll of paper. Talk to you soon! Maybe someone else will find out who's the author of the paintings though.

jessegirl said...

I'll go with Rum's analysis. It's beyond me.

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