Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Remember Me "Making Of" Clip

The UK's received this short clip from Remember Me's UK distributor E1 Entertainment. The clip is part of the "Making Of" segment that was featured on the Remember Me DVD.


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jessegirl said...

This was an interesting DVD feature but too short. I have, some of us here have, so many questions we'd like to pose to Allen.
Funnily, I love that apartment set now too. of course, like everybody else, I cringed when I saw all that dirt, mold, esp. the bathroom. But now when I see it I'm nostalgic for this set. (As an aside, when I first saw the apt. on blue ray, I turned to my husband and said: "It's sooo beautiful!" And then I laughed, because it is so grungy. But it's so beautiful too.)

I wish there would have been more features, just everything longer. Sigh.

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