Monday, August 23, 2010

Remember Me Near Top of DVD Rentals

Remember Me DVD is ranked as the #2 DVD rental film for the week!

Let's all keep up the word of mouth on this wonderful litle film.


WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Wonderful! Kat, word of mouth is working, isn't it? Or else how to explain such a result?? RM 's got the smallest BO results on this list and it's been released for a long time. But it's way ahead of the two other films it was competing against at the time in theaters, Green Zone and HTTM. And it's doing better than some films which cashed in a lot more or were much more popular at the time, like CoT or Date Night.
There's a lot of newbies on my French discussion forum who are discovering the film only now and they're all amazed by it. Some of them are very young and they used to be Twilight fans who could not imagine Rob in any other role. Now they're changing their minds. But it's not only about Rob, they are greatly impressed by the beauty of the film and not deterred by its sadness. Yes, let's keep up the word of mouth!

John said...

This is so great!!! The RM DVD was released like 2 months ago and it is still in the second place!!!! Thnx for the info Kat!!!

jessegirl said...

This is fantastic! I was reading, on the IMDb message boards, exactly what Rum is saying. A lot of Twifans and teens are now watching the DVD or On Demand and are impressed by it. And, also, men.
Thanks for the welcome information, Kat.
Nice to hear you again, John, *waves*.

Anonymous said...

There's a lot of love for RM over at IMBD.. It's 7/10 stars currently.

kat said...

I'm checking everyday for that IMDb love to get higher. :)

Hey John!

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