Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Remember Me Discussion Group

Do the characters in Remember Me "live in the moments"?

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LTavares2010 said...

Yes, they really do. They live their choices. Aidan lives for looking for a meaning for his life, meanwhile he loves his friend Tyler and never abandons him; Sgt Craig lives for his daughter and she is always there for him and now for Tyler too; Diane lives for her work, her husband and her children: Caroline and Tyler; Les lives for Diane and all she loves, especially Caroline and Tyler; Janine lives for arranging the life of Charles, it is almost a mission for her, and this includes taking care especially of Tyler; Charles lives for his work and doesn`t think about his fears, especially his children: Caroline and Tyler; Caroline lives in her own world, with her art and with Tyler, she thinks he needs her and that is all that matters at this moment; and Tyler lives for remembering Michael, for fighting for the love and affection of his father, for knowing more about Charles through Janine, for not causing so many problems for his mother and Les, for enjoying the moments of laughing and drinking with Aidan, for taking care of Caroline, for bothering Sgt.Craig, for loving Ally without fear and above all, Tyler lives in the moments of all these people. That is the effect of some people in our lives. They pass to live inside of us, forever, and that is what Tyler does.

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