Monday, April 26, 2010

Box Office Update - Domestic

Remember Me rebounded at the domestic box office this past week-end. An increase of theaters from 157 to 204, helped the film to pull in $82,494 in week-end box office sales. Those numbers represent an increase of 20.5% over last week-end's results.

This brings the total domestic box office total to $18,934,671.

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jessegirl said...

Wow, Kat, that's great.
Anyone know why number of theatres was increased? Is it usual for a film to see more venues at this late date, and also increased bo? I'd like the domestic to reach $20M but maybe it won't. Still, very interesting.

kat said...

The film started showing in dollar and second run theaters. I have no idea if we will get more for niext weekend, but I wouldn't be too totally surprised if it held close to that for another week.

I think that 20 mil is a huge stretch (unfortunately). I hope it can break 19 million. Even though the count went up, the average ticket price went down. I saw it on Saturday for $1.50. My first thought on hearing the price was "How is that going to help the BO number?" :) So we have more people seeing it (good), but seeing it for alot less.

jessegirl said...

$1.50? Wow. I took my sister, early on, and it happened to be a Tues. so seats were half price. I almost told them to make it regular price, because, at the ticket counter, box office was one of my concerns.

Hah. The lengths our minds will go to on this film.

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