Sunday, April 25, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote # 58



LTavares2010 said...

Oh my Rob!! I have already began to cry exactly at this scene, when I looked at Tyler`s eyes and I saw the tatoo with the name of Michael. So sad and so meaningful.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

It was extraordinary to see the change of expression of Tyler's face when Ally got close to him to see the tattoo - he was smiling and all of a sudden his face grows all vulnerable and yet he lets her see.. it was a beautiful moment, showing all the quality and sensitivity of Rob's acting - everything was in the altering of his expression, in the way his eyes grew suddenly sad...

jessegirl said...

Rum...and LTavares...*fancy meeting you here*...Exactly! When she approaches and really looks at the tattoo, his face has, as you said, that vulnerability that Rob does so well. The quality of feeling he can convey in moments like this one is one of the reasons his acting is so very good in this film.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

jessegirl, LTavares - so happy to meet you girls here. Maybe it's going to be our new RM meeting place... I really do need to speak about this film and am finding new things to say about it every day. It certainly doesn't happen with many films.

jessegirl said...

Rum...I commented here on the mirroring post, much of what I'd already said on the Brevet site already. Anyway, if anyone wants to read my thoughts, there they are. (Although I think it was you who, seeing my comment, sent me here. I'm all mixed up now.)
People are finding it hard to let go on that other site too.

Anyway, ladies, I've bookmarked this site an will visit regularly.

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