Saturday, May 1, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #52

"Your not random, your Tyler's girlfriend"


WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I love how Ally treats Caroline as an equal in thsi scene, speaking to her as if Caroline was a grown-up. It was such an intimate scene, so quiet and lovely, like a little pause before the angry scenes.

jessegirl said...

Yes, Rum, is was a nice little scene.
It also indicates that Tyler doesn't bring girls home. Toothbrush girl--poor thing--was a one night, one assumes, and perhaps Tyler's sex life is just that, a series of one-nighters, not because he's a man-slut but because he is too tortured to have a real relationship.

I think it is revealing that we only see toothbrush girl's leg, not her face. And the girls from Miami. Well, Tyler is clearly not paying any attention to the brunette's slurred come-on. In fact, he doesn't pay attention to them much at all, but he does hear that mother calling out 'Michael'. He's not in the moment at all. Also, when Aiden suggests going to the bar, he says Megan wants to see Tyler, but Tyler pays her no attention either.

But now he has let Ally in. That's significant. It means, among other things, that he trusts Ally with his beloved little sister and with his broken mother.
Caroline accepted Ally but, did you see how she subtly looks her over first? Checking her out. Was she good enough for Tyler?

Ally gives Caroline a story about her mother, about what she shared with her. Ally is skilled enough at finding a way into Caroline's world to find an anecdote about art which not only reaches out to Caroline's world but also reaches inside to Ally's store of memories about her mother. So Ally, her Mom and Caroline are joined. Cool.

And--I have to say it--when Tyler peeks into Caroline's room just before this scene, he is so beautiful.

LTavares2010 said...

This scene is adorable for three reasons: 1. because I can see Caroline`s drawings ( Tyler sitting on a park bench; Tyler looking to the sea ), and it is very inspiring and exciting; 2. Caroline is so cute and introspective, inteligent and lovely; 3. because Caroline accepts Ally in her world in the same way as Tyler accepts Ally in his world. I love the way Ally interacts with both. Ruby and Emilie are brilliant! and Rob also!

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