Sunday, May 2, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #51

"I told her she could stay here, is that alright?"


jessegirl said...

I have nothing profound to say about this quote, so I await everyone else's great comments.

However, it's interesting that Tyler asks. Did that happen with toothbrush girl or anyone else? Aiden's bunk would make it nigh impossible for him to sleep with a girl there, so where he 'plants his flag' I don't know. Anyway, the guys would have to be respectful of each other in that small apartment.

I don't know where to say this, nowhere is really appropriate, but my new mission is to create Oscar buzz for RM. It's possible that the poor reviews and flack over the ending have tanked its chances already and there's no point, but, on the off chance that some grass roots efforts make any difference...
Wouldn't it be nice?
I suggested it on the Brevet site (ropeofsilicon) because he has a post about next year's Oscar possibilities. RM was not there, on his list, but the Runaways was. I commented there--will probably be shot down--and I'd like all of us to comment likewise there too. Or anywhere we think people will look and read and maybe think about it. Get it in their heads, you know. Plant the seed.
What do you think?
Any ideas?

LTavares2010 said...

Tyler and Aidan talking is always funny. Before Ally appear in Tyler`s life and when he is not with Caroline, Aidan is the only one who makes Tyler laugh with his ideas about everything. In some scenes I had a brief impression that Rob seemed enjoying himself also with the things Tate was saying. I love this photo with the two, wearing shorts. cute!

@jessegirl : Good idea!! I went to the site you indicated but I did not find the post. What is the name of the post? I am going researching to find other sites. Thank you. Hugs.

Heidi said...

@jessegirl-Love the Oscar idea!!! Remember Me was such a great film; it deserves so much more recognition than it has had. It definitely wouldn't hurt to explore the options of what would need to be done to get it noticed. We have plenty of time to get a movement going. I am in! :)

@LTavares2010-I agree about how Rob was enjoying himself in these scenes. He looked at ease and the acting didn't appear forced.

jessegirl said...

Okay, LTavares, I went back and found the link again at Brevet's site.
At RopeofSilicon you can go two ways:
1) Under the top tab "News" go to "Oscar Contenders", and scroll down to "Preliminary 2011 Oscar Contenders: The complete list" -March 19. Then just scroll down the comments.

and/or if you want to send him an email:
2) Under the "Awards" tab go to "The Contenders" which takes you to "For Your Consideration".

Heidi said...

I posted my comment about Remember Me at that site. Although it is gone from theaters and not discussed as frequently anymore, my passion for Remember Me has not faded. I love Remember Me as much if not more now than when I first read the script months ago. I am glad there are still a few of us around who still love to discuss it. :)

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I loved the easy, effortless "buddy" relationship between these two. It felt like real life, as if they were friends in real life and the dynamics between the two worked so well! I loved this scene too, there's a hint that both Aidan and Tyler are beginning to see the consequences of their silly bet and feeling guilty about the mess they've put Ally in - Aidan because he got her drunk, Tyler because he's already guessing that he's falling for her. It was a nice, quiet scene... a moment of quiet too, with the golden, mellow hues of the afternoon light softening the atmosphere, as if reflecting Tyler's softened mood and aidan's contrite, subdued feelings.

kat said...

I hope we all managed to get it nominated for the MTV awards. I know it's not prestigious or really anything but a popularity contest, but I would love for it to have gotten in on that popularity contest. To let them know that the fans and viewers loved it.

Luckily, the ROS guys really loved this film. That might help.

So glad that Allen really went to bat for Tate as Aidan. I just loved this scene. Really one of the few times that Aidan is subdued and reflective.

jessegirl said...

Yeah, Rum, good observation. Aiden and Tyler just acted without thinking, like kids, and it shows their immaturity. Here they are feeling the results sink in. I really enjoyed all the scenes with these two, but then, there's little about the movie I did not enjoy.

Heidi, did you read the script, I guess, before you went to the film? How do you think that affected your viewing experience, knowing beforehand?

And, 'passion not fading'. I know. Thanks for helping in the Oscar idea. I honestly think that is where this film's accolades should come from, that level, I mean. I don't get the process and how people all seem to think there's not a hope in hell. Why not?

Kat, the MTV awards: Yeah, I wonder what'll happen there. I voted wildly last year for Rob, but am a little weary of the process. I'm wondering whether Rob's different nominations will cancel each other out. We'll see.
Kat, who are the ROS guys?

Heidi said...

@jessegirl-Usually I don't like to know things beforehand, but I am actually glad I chose to read the script before I seen Remember Me. If I didn't I would have been a total basket case (don't get me wrong, plenty of tears were still shed, but I was more prepared than I would have been otherwise). Knowing the ending up front also allowed me to focus on other aspects of the story and how it all connected together. This was one movie I totally fell in love with which I ended up going to see multiple times. Sad once Remember Me left my theater...could have gone a few more times without ever getting tired of watching it.

kat said...

Ropes of Silicon guys. Brevet was the guy who interviewed Will Fetters after the film came out, becasue he couldn't understand why all the other critics hated it.

Pretty sure MTV will pick the films they want, Just hoping that RM got enough votes for a "write-in" to interest them.

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