Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #56

The schematic for these particular shelves is authors who've slept together and ended up dead or imprisoned."
~ Tyler


Anonymous said...

He actually says, "The schematic for these particular shelves is authors who've slept together and ended up dead or imprisoned."

LTavares2010 said...

It is delightful seeing Rob and Tate in scene. They are great!!! Rob is really enjoying himself talking with Tate. This scene in the bookstore is very amusing.
Ally brings love and safety for Tyler, Aidan is his funny friend, apparently irresponsible, he is the only friend he has and the one who accepts Tyler of the way he is, another character I`d like to know more about his life, after everything happens.

P.S. Tate Ellington is a very good actor, I didn`t know him before this film, he is versatile. I saw him later in a dramatic role, in an episode called: Infamy, of the series The Good Wife. About Rob, besides he is a sensitive actor, this particular scene is a dream of mine becoming true: Rob among many, many books.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Yes, Tyler and Aidan are really a good pair, they complete each other really well. Aidan has this knack of making the whole theater laugh with his hilarious lines and acting, it's a good balance with Tyler who is so conflicted and so different. I really admired Tate Ellington's acting, he was so natural! I would love to see him in other projects soon.

heidi6572 said...

I also like Tyler and Aiden's friendship because it seemed like it was genuine, not forced acting. I read where some people found Aiden's humor irritating. I thought it brought some much needed laughs to a film that would have been too serious otherwise.

jessegirl said...

Aiden grew on me. I've seen the film 10 times--you can laugh if you want--and at first I was not so sold. However, I, too read that Aiden was a standard foil and not a very good one, but this is another glib comment.

I liked this scene too, esp. when Aiden says something about an intervention and Tyler laughs and says they don't normally involve binge drinking. Then that whole thing about 'one drink'. I love when there is that looong pause before Aiden says, 'confirmation'.
I loved his rant in the jail too.

Yes, LTavares, I saw that episode of the Good Wife too and recognized Tate.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

jessegirl, I also read that many critics did not like Tate's performance. But as everyone here knows, most critics did not like anything about the film. I remember a particularly ridiculous one who complained about how dirty the boy's bathroom was... Another got indignant bcause Tyler, Aidan and Ally 1)smoked too much 2)drank too much 3)got laid. Another one complained that Tyler's clothes looked frumpy. Another one did not like the mess in the flat and the colour of the walls. Etc, etc. Please. And that was the general gist and depth of their reviews. I don't know if we should laugh or cry about it. It was so appallingly stupid. Aidan's character is very well acted and kind of very realistic - my younger brother had a friend exactly like that.

jessegirl said...

Rum...I have to admit, that apartment, and esp. the bathroom, gave me pause. And I heard women around me remark during the film too. I think the grunge could have been toned down a teeny bit and still be realistic, primarily because it was a bit distracting to the audience. But that is a minor guibble. It actually grew on me--like the mold no doubt--after multiple viewings.

But for critics to harp on this is just another instance of them deflecting attention away from the strengths of the film. The turds.

And, let's hear it for Tate. Way to go, man!

jessegirl said...


kat said...

Hard to believe that the bathroom was on a set and someone probably was charged with applying the mold.

I loved Aidan and still don't get why so many didn't like him at all - actually most who loved the film, loved Tate in the role.It was only the critics (who are all dead to me now) who didn't like him.

I thought that his role was necessary bringing laughs to the film. The funny thing is that the first time I saw the film, it was with critics and press...and they laughed at most of Aidan's lines.

I would like to see the Elephant King that Tate was in. I may have to order it from Amazon. Can not wait to see what is next on his plate now.

jessegirl said...

kat...Interesting about the critics initial reaction to Tate. They just think they have to express ennui or something, that they are above it all...'ho hum' and all that. I laugh every time I hear Aiden's many funny lines.

Give critics a virtual bash on the head for me next time you view a film with them.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I remember now people in the theater are generally a bit taken aback by the glimpse of Tyler we get in this little scene. Tne ***beeep** word about the toothbrush, the explanation about the schematic for the books... Oh my God he's talking about sex and using *this* word... It makes want to laugh out loud every time. I've noticed girls and women were often a bit shocked- but that guys totally got it and guffawed out loud. It actually reminds of the way male friends of mine talked when we that age. Lots of swearing and rude words and allusions to sex - all the time - it's just a guy thing really... and it rings so true!

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