Thursday, April 8, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 23

Watched Remember Me and crying like a little baby - RobParadise

I was on the Pre-premier in Switzerland. Was amazing! - Mirimaria

I saw RM today!!! Loved it!! - YuliaAbramova

just saw @remembermefilm here in germany. what a great movie. go and see #RememberMe! - kickassStew

just saw it for the 2nd time. I gotta say that song at the end with the violins & the piano made it so much more incredible. - evilangel6714

i absolutely loooooooooove Remember Me, its one of the best movies ive ever seen, its in my top 5 list now - BeSafe_Lover

Oh well, I've said it once-say it again-#RememberMe is a phoenomenal film if other ppl miss out on it-their loss, not ours:) - Snark101

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Mechevpao said...

Finally watched it here in Argentina.
The film is amazing!! A very simple story about life but so strong in significance; the phrase in the poster expresses it so well: "live in the moment", it is really about that and enjoying the people we have while we have them with us.
The cast was great too, fabulous performances from everyone.

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