Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 25

I just got back and I'm overwhelmed! *still crying* Bought a ticket for Saturday and Sunday...The dude thought I was nuts! - fiiilmfreak

Guys, you HAVE to watch 'Remember Me'. It's amazing and not just because of Rob! The story is so great and breathetaking - GermanRobsten

It`s amazing movie!!I cried at the end(( - princetongirl - 94

Rob is simply wonderfully, breath-taking and the end so tragically and sadly. :o( OMG - flower0584

#RememberMe was so awesome...i cried so much i love the movie and i love #RobertPattinson - cro_sweetie

Just got home from watching RM! Loved it! wasn't expecting that ending at all! Great movie! Everybody should go and see it! - anaacarmen

watched RM yesterday for the first time. it was just awesome! and even the german was bearable! can't wait to see it again!! - kathe_

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Elizabeth said...

I took my grandmother to see this movie---she didn't know anything about it or Rob Pattinson, and she loved it. She told me she thought it had a great storyline and that she will definitely be buying it when it comes out on DVD!

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