Friday, April 9, 2010

Thoughts on Remember Me 24

i saw it today and it blew me away it's breathtaking so emotional so good i cried for the first time in a cinema - LoveRpattzKstew

I've watched #RememberMe yesterday in Germany (preview)amazing!Everytime when I look at my poster I've to think bout the end and I didn't ecpect an ending like this!It's such a powerful movie and I loved it!Emilie&Rob&everyone did a great job - uhwii

I saw RM yesterday and I am still blown away... Its the most powerful film I've since a long time! thumbs up! - BadassStewy

i've just watched RM and i'm glad that you made this kind of movie. it makes you realize how much you should live your life thanks a lot, coz a lot of people doesn't understand that life is important. Thank you thanks for that movie i was wasting my time, but that movie made me reflect - kstewismyqueen

the movie is awesome, fuckingtastic ... cried like a baby ... going to see it again asap ... Rob is great ... speechless - sugarghc

it's a good film love it! but the end is verry sad :/ - loveKrisStewart

I'm speechless!! just seen the film great story it was very impressive! #LiveInTheMoments! – clplas

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