Monday, May 17, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #36

"You do realize that an intervention doesn't include binge drinking."


InstantKarmaGirl said...

Tyler is in SUCH need of an intervention. Aiden, while joking and being a young, goofy guy, can see where his friend is headed.

It's one of the reasons I like him. He is very smart and with it. He sees the darkness that surrounds his friend, but he addresses it in a very light manner.

Aiden is the perfect friend for Tyler.

Heidi said...

I agree...Aidan is just the friend that Tyler needs at that time in his life. I think Aidan can reach Tyler better when he's not as serious because Tyler would more than likely shut him out at that point. Tyler really needs a friend like Aidan to help keep him from losing himself. Hope this makes sense.

kat said...

I love that Aidan is the type of friend who cares enough to worry about his best friend, instead of just worrying about himself. He will not let Tyler give him no for an answer. He knows him, knows what he needs and doesn't back down, regardless of what Tyler says or acts like he wants to do.

jessegirl said...

Wow, sounds like I'm a little off to one side again on this one. While I do agree with what you all say about Tyler needing that kind of friend, who'll try his best to get him out of his funk and Aiden being a good friend and all, I have reservations.

And those are...? you might wonder. Well, this was one of the funniest lines in the story and it's interesting that it is Tyler's. For once, he's the comic relief. Why? Because, after that he says another funny line, something like: 'When was the last time you had just one drink?' And there's a long and funny pause, because Aiden can't remember. (I love Aiden's pause, his bewildered expression here.) This is funny because obviously Aiden is a regular binge drinker, which, for all its apparent normalcy as a 21 yr. old college student, could have serious repercussions down the road.

Aiden himself is in trouble and, like any drinker, he doesn't want to drink alone. He wants his best friend to indulge too. Plus, he later gives Ally jellies which make her throw up. He's a bit of a pusher. "I'll even put France on the table." No, Kat, he's not worrying about himself, but he should be. He's pushy enough and Tyler is lost and pliant enough that they'll go to the bar. And Aiden would rather--like most of us--help his friend correct a perceived fault than attend to his own.

He might know Tyler and vice versa, but Tyler, at that point in his life, is too stuck to help Aiden. Yes, Tyler is stuck and, to outside observers and good friends alike seems to need an intervention. But, and I've gone on at length about this in other posts, Tyler needs to grieve, to work through the issues related to that. Tyler's biggest positive action throughout is writing in that journal and thinking about Michael, not going to a bar, getting drunk and provoking a cop.

I see Aiden as more complex than just being a good friend who tries to intervene. Aiden needs to be set on a better path himself. Remember, he's failing at least one course we know about. That might be the movie's shorthand for telling us that he's not going to pass the year.

No one likes to see a friend grieve and moon about like a lost soul. Besides being no fun, it's uncomfortable to be around this morose person. Friends are there for party company, are they not? Especially college age friends. Aiden thinks they should be tying one on whenever they can, because that's his way of dealing with his life.

Okay everyone, have at me.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I loved that scene, because it provided a nice comic relief and set the tone of the relationship which we had already glimpsed between Tyler and Aidan when Aidan had this ridiculous idea of the SLUT. It also highlights the differences between the two. I agree that Aidan is caring and worried for his friend, even if it's partly for selfish reasons, and even if binge drinking seems to be one of his favorite options for intervention. I particularly like how this scene makes us guess that Tyler is going to relent and let Aidan have his way after all. The scene also matches the one of Ally and Tyler's second date, when Tyler introduces her to Aidan, and they decide to go to the neighbours'party, but "just for one drink", as Tyler says - and we know what happens afterwards. Tyler was probably a bit drunk when they got out of the bar and had the fight in the alley (the way the scene is filmed is in my opinion almost seen from a half-drunk person' POV, it got me almost dizzy just watching it); and he probably got a bit drunk at the neighbour's party, at least enough not to stop Ally from getting drunk and Aidan from giving her jellies: so it shows a pattern. Tyler knows that Aidan's plans are bound to end disastrously or at least with binge drinking, yet he ultimately follows along. Yet I can't help feeling affection for Aidan who is one of my favorite characters. He certainly does not invent the best interventions in the world, but he really is there for his friend. Plus, Tyler's character would maybe come across as too brooding and morose if Aidan wasn't there to counterbalance it. I agree too that Tyler is grieving and often needs to back out out of what Aidan sees as real, normal, happy life to find an answer to his issues. Tyler's inner grieving is his real world. However, Aidan reminds him that there are other things too and that he must sometimes force himself to try and experience them, even though Tyler is probably not really able to enjoy them yet. Yes, these two are a good pair - Tyler indulging his friend, Aidan caring in his own clumsy way. Tyler needs Aidan, and Aidan knows he has to invent these plans to help Tyler. There's something touching in this male relationship which I had not perceived at first: I had mainly seen one side of it - the superficial, comical interaction - but there is far more to it. So thanks for all your points of view!

LTavares2010 said...

I love this scene because I liked the idea of Tyler working in a bookstore. I love bookstores and libraries. I love books. it is very funny seeing Tyler and Aidan talking about frivolities in the middle of all those shelves full of books.
We don`t know anything about Aidan´s family, he seems to not have other friends, only Tyler. I think Tyler is his only real friend. His social life just comes down to Tyler, nobody else. Aidan is so lonely like Tyler is, but he is more objective, pragmatic and likes to have fun. I can imagine the way they became friends, probably Aidan approached of Tyler and was getting. In a certain way Aidan sometimes takes care of his friend, he is a kind of guardian angel, a bit jumbled but that is what he is. I feel that maybe Aidan will continue to be close to Tyler`s family, especially Caroline because for him is a way to be part of the life of someone that Tyler always loved. Maybe he will be close to Ally too. Who knows? Only thoughts, only thoughts.

P.S. Tyler and Aidan in that apartment falling apart. A great idea!! I loved it!! (LOL)
By the way, girls, your comments about this scene are very inspiring.

jessegirl said...

Great thoughts, everyone. Damn, you're good.
I, too, loved this light scene, partly, it must be admitted, because Tyler looks good surrounded by all those books.
Yeah, Tyler.
Yeah, books.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Ltavares, good point, I love it too that the conversation between these two took place with them surrounded by thousands of books. I found it so funny when Aidan repeatedly tries to catch Tyler's attention. But Tyler is more interested in books than his friend's proposals and he seems to be lost in a world of his own. I love it when Aidan then grows exasperated with him and pushes him off the ladder. As if - symbolically - to bring him down and back to reality. Aidan wants him to leave all that for a while and get out into the real, gritty world of partying, girls, fun, drinking. His own world, what he considers as the real world.

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