Saturday, May 22, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote 31

"Did you just say nihilistic?" "Yeah, alright? I got it off a cereal box"
~Tyler, Aidan

(This is the closest I could get to the jail scene)


InstantKarmaGirl said...

Again, we see Tyler refuting the seriousness of his friend's concern for him...and we see Aiden letting him do it.

There is so much unspoken between these two characters.

It feels very real to me. It feels very, very much like two guys who KNOW each other, but there is an unspoken code that there are just certain things that aren't given voice to.

Aiden lets him off the hook here. He allows himself to make light of it because he knows there is only so much Tyler can handle.

Aiden walks a fine line. I think he knows about Michael and I think the family history plays heavily into how to interacts with his friend.

I love the give and take friendship, their natural way of being.

soozy said...

I agree IKG> there are things that they just don't talk about.

I'm not sure Tyler isn't trying to change the subject. I don't think he wants to hear Aiden be the voice of reason because, lets face it, he hasn't been that guy so far in the movie. I get the impression that it is way out of character. I'm not sure Tyler isn't trying to deflect and lighten the mood to take away the heat. Aiden was clearly torqued at him in this seen....but he didn't let Tyler off the hook as far as the lecture goes. He did say some hysterical things but his point was made. Even he was losing patience with Tylers choices.

soozy said...

I have to ad that this is my absolute favorite scene in this movie....I even have a copy of it bookmarked so I can watch it over and over. I love the interaction...the humor but the serious undertones. So well done....

jessegirl said...

I think this reasoned, yet hilarious, reaction from Aiden is out of character too, soozy. But maybe being in jail scared him enough to get mad at Tyler’s reckless behaviour. He knew it was beginning to get out of hand. Tyler taunts the other guys behind bars. ‘Pussy!’ God, if they got their hands on those two college boys, Tyler and Aiden would be properly traumatized. But Tyler provokes them anyway. It’s part of his death wish. And it scares Aiden enough to warrant his little speech. Yes, Karma, the ‘unspoken code’. Aiden doesn’t mention Michael, esp. in jail he wouldn’t, but they both know.
There’s Tyler testing again. It’s almost as if he’s saying to himself: ‘Will I stop here? With a fight? Or here? Beaten up. Or here? In jail? ‘. Or would he stop after being sodomized, brutalized? When would Tyler stop? He has a death wish, clearly, but it’s unformed. He wants that pain but he doesn’t know at what point he’d be satisfied that he’d been punished enough. For what? The question is: what is Tyler punishing himself for—before Ally I mean? He thinks he must have done something wrong if his father has left him. It is, I think, a core pain, that horrible feeling that you aren’t good enough and, therefore, are abandoned. And if you aren’t good enough to be loved, why go on, especially if that’s what your big brother thought? Is Michael’s response to life, to their father, is it the way Tyler should go? That’s the peril he’s flirting with.

This is the only time we see Aiden really angry. Tyler’s irresponsible, fun-loving bud is scared shitless that Tyler could entertain such thoughts. Because the next time Tyler does something reckless, it could endanger them both. Aiden uses humour, because that’s who he is, but he’s dead serious. Tyler lightens the mood because it’s all a joke to him; he still doesn’t get it.

LTavares2010 said...

Tyler and Aidan are good guys. In many ways Tyler is more responsible and impulsive than Aidan and this, in turn, brings humor to Tyler`s life and takes care of him too. They are real good friends. I love Rob and Tate together. They bring truth to the friendship of Tyler and Aidan.

soozy said...

Has anyone seen the Kodak commercial where the dad is holding his new baby and then sends the picture from the camera to the grandmother.....I swear it's Tate.

soozy said...

Here it is if you haven't....

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