Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #35

"Did you lie? That hurts. I'm wounded!"


InstantKarmaGirl said...

I love how Rob delivers these lines. It's exactly how I would have said them. I love the realization in his face when he fingures out that Ally's such a "with it" girl.

I think he gains a good deal of respect for her here because she wasn't the same "OMG, he's so good looking, want to come back to my place" kind of girl he's used to (yes, I'm projecting on that).

I REALLY like how this scene played out.

soozy said...

I have to agree....the look on his face as the realization sunk it was priceless. Somehow, the line 'I'm wounded' has found it's way into a few conversations around our house.

It's interesting because of Tyler's not so innocent plan with Aiden in the beginning...whether or not he was planning to kidnap her and make her call him daddy...and here Allie has turned the tables on him. She's the one in control. She's the one pulling one over on him....love it!

soozy said...

Also have to comment again on how much I love the addition of the music to this site....best soundtrack ever....

Did you all see that Remember Me is available for pre-purchase on ITunes....$14.99 US.

LTavares2010 said...

Rob, Ally and the panda in the amusement park. Beautiful scene, dialogues are so natural, funny. Tyler seems not nervous, relaxed. He really enjoys the company of Ally and she becomes interested in his way of being. They are acting like a normal couple on a normal date, on a first date. they are just getting to know one another gradually.
Rob and Emilie impressed me with their spontaneity, their cumplicity. It is more difficult for the actors seem natural than anything else. Critics generally do not value this kind of interpretation, which is a pity.

jessegirl said...

I agree! Yipee! The expressions on his face are priceless, as you said, soozy. So, not-Robert; so Tyler. So natural and believable. And yeah, Ally did turn those tables. I think she's often testing him, you know. Granted it would be hard to turn him down--but, knowing the way of all toothbrush girls, if you wanted anything more, you'd have to keep him guessing. I think the 'I'm wounded' line was partially true and partly the boy-girl game. Followed by the rejected come-on. Now he knows he has to work to get her. Make him work, Ally.

kat said...

This is one of my most favorite deliveries in the film. "I'm wounded". I just love they way he says it and the expression is priceless. And I am also weaving that into a few conversations too!
I think at the fair Ally begins to let her guard down around him too. They seem more comfortable with each other than at the restaurant.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

When he says "I'm wounded" - half-seriously, half-jokingly - I wonder if Tyler had ever guessed that Ally had really tried to turn him down or if he had never seen it coming. Or is he just playing along the seduction game, knowing perfectly that's she's resisting him and that he's going to have to work hared to get her? It was a very comical moment too, and you could feel they had grown more comfortable with each other.

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