Thursday, May 20, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #33

"I just wanted to tell someone about you."


LTavares2010 said...

I`ve already told before that I love seeing Rob and Emilie playing Tyler and Ally. They are so real, natural, heartbreaking. It is touching to feel in their looks and silences all the subtlety of their interpretations.
Particularly in this scene, I love the way they look to one another. I can see in his way of look how important is Ally for him and how Tyler is afraid of loosing her. He already loves her and he knows it is mutual. He cares about what she thinks about him. Ally looks at him like a woman hopelessly in love. It is a pleasure to see all their scenes together: the funny moments, the love moments and dramatic moments.

jessegirl said...

They are at that stage in their relationship when they can’t, yet, tell others; it’s too fragile and new. But they could write in a diary or ‘tell’ dead brother in a journal. Michael is the recipient of this important news. Tyler doesn’t say he loves her, just that he had to tell someone about her.
And one wonders if he’d told Michael about the bet, the male plan, if he had let Michael be his conscience. Writing like that is very personal, revealing and soul searching. In a way, Tyler is writing to himself, and would be questioning his own intentions and actions. Perhaps one reason he forgives his brother later is that he knows, through this ‘self-analysis’, how flawed he is.

InstantKarmaGirl said...

OMG, this line kills me. It's so incredibly sweet and real and honest and heartbreaking. This poor kid can only express things to his dead brother.

Anonymous said...

This line kills me, too! It's very sweet without being mushy. And I think it's the first time you can really tell that he actually does have feelings for her, he really does care about her, he's not just playing along with Aidan's stupid scheme. I don't think he would be writing to his brother about her if it wasn't genuine and real. She comes into his life when he needs her most, and she has the ability to change him for the better, and I think he realizes that around this moment. All in all, it's a very nice scene!

Natalie said...

"I just wanted to tell somebody about you"

Funny, I found myself saying this about the movie. After seeing it, well, a few times, I felt like telling everyone I know to go see this movie. In fact, I did convince a couple people to go see it with me, and they loved it, too!

Everything about this movie is wonderful- the actors, the story, the dialogue, the hidden meanings- all of it. When I first heard about this movie, I thought it would be good, but I didn't know it would be GREAT!

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I love how this scene was both intense and peaceful, full of feelings and emotions which could not be formulated aloud yet. They are at a stage of their new relationship when both probably wouldn't be able to say exactly what they are to each other yet, but both of them are already feeling the power of their connection. "What's happening?" - they don't know, or they can't akcnowledge it yet. It's too soon. But as you point out, @jessegirl, it can be written in a diary. Tyler can tell Michael. It's important. It's also heartbreaking that he will only tell Michael, in a way, and not a real, living friend or relative. And I do so love your point of view - what did Tyler write exactly about Ally on that morning in the coffee shop?

jessegirl said...

Oh Rum, you know I’m always curious about that journal. And the ‘what’s happening?’ line. I think Tyler says something like: ‘What’s going on right now?’ They are both a little wary of where this will lead them, tentative, yet, as everyone has said, sweet, tender...sigh.

And Natalie, boy do I know what you mean. This site is so great to ‘talk’ about it but my husband and best friend just listen out of respect for me and I know exactly what you mean about telling everyone I know about it. Why has that never happened to me with a movie before?

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

jessegirl, you're right, he says "what's going on right now"?. They're wary and tender - you've nailed it. But you really get the feeling Tyler bares himself a lot when he tells Ally that he "needed to tell someone about her" - I was so caught up in the emotion of the scene that I didn't realize how much he was revealing with this answer. He didn't have to, he could have invented any excuse. But he tells her the truth - the exact truth. In a way, it's a very strange scene when you come to think of, starting with him saying the truth, almost declaring himself and making himself vulnerable, but then it's also a scene fraught with secrets and lies, because now he cannot tell her he knows her father.

jessegirl said...

Oh man, Rum, no he cannot. That’s the problem with beginning a relationship in such an underhanded (not sure of the right word) way. The further you proceed, esp. if you come to like, or worse, love, that person, the harder and harder it becomes to own up, because you know you’ll have to sometime.
And you’re right, he didn’t have to reveal anything, could have made up an excuse, but he trusts her with his vulnerabilities already. This is, actually, huge.
What kills me—and I just commented on #32—is that EVERY scene, every little bit of the movie, is significant, and counts. Not a wasted moment. So FULL , all the time. What, on my first viewing, seemed disjointed, now seems so cohesive in this movie. Everything counts and adds up. Everything matters. I’m no editor but maybe this is part of that person’s job. Because, even though the pace of each scene seems easygoing, not rushed, each scene is tight, compact, and packs a wallop when you start analyzing it. It’s like a symphony building up to the climax—the tower—and then that unforgettable coda, ‘I know you can hear me’.

Natalie said...

jessegirl...I absolutely agree with you. I didn't realize this the first time, but every scene really is important. Every scene is significant to the rest of the story. There isn't one part of this movie(that I've found anyways) that is just thrown in there for no reason at all. I have a feeling that we all could discuss this movie for hours straight, and we'd still have more to talk about later. There are so many different parts to this movie, but they all fit together to make one big story. And that's what life is, really, it's just a series of moments that all fit together in the end.

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