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Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #29

That's exactly what you meant to do.


InstantKarmaGirl said...

This is the ONE scene in the movie that I thought could be stronger. Maybe they'll be some deleted scenes or something in the DVD to go with this.

This is a MAJOR plot point and a point that is so emotionally important.

The first time I saw it, I was like "eh." I know the movie has to move and can't spend too much time on any one aspect, but I felt this scene needed to be more.

Well, okay, not need, since it works just fine, I just wish it was more. I wanted it to be absolutely devestating.

That being said, I really enjoy stories that show tremendous character growth and then pull the rug out from under them, just to show how deeply they have changed.

Here we see Tyler doing the right thing and then having to suffer the consequences of his choices.

jessegirl said...

Hmm. I do know what you mean, Karma. It seems like Tyler is so defeated here, with not enough fight left in him to defend himself. He had just provoked Neil to beat him up, to mete out the punishment Tyler feels he deserves. Ally doesn’t angrily ask a whole lot of questions either, for instance: ‘Why?’ ‘How long were you planning on doing this?’ ‘Don’t you feel anything for me?’ ‘Was it really all a game?’. And more. The kinds of questions girls who have been used/betrayed ask all the time. The kinds that will hopefully elicit more from the guy something which will illuminate his feelings. But she doesn’t. And, after she slaps him, he doesn’t try to touch her, stop her, at all. Not only doesn’t he defend himself, he doesn’t tell her how important she is to him either. I know, I know, she probably wouldn’t believe him at that point, but to have it on record. His words are so quiet and ineffective.
This is after their positive Labour Day weekend outing at the beach, where they cuddled on the sofa while Aiden entertained the family with charades. They were both, then, so content and looked to be in love. If I were her I’d wonder if all that cuddling, all that time with his family, were part of the game, the revenge. So that, not only would she have been screwed, but would have fallen in love. Because it’s one thing to revenge screw and dump, quite another to go beyond that to have her fall in love with him and to invite her to spend time with his family, like at his birthday and then Labour Day. If that had been part of the plan as well, as the girl, I would have needed to know. Because that would have been immeasurably cruel.
But she doesn’t ask and he doesn’t explain and defend.
He seems always to be willing to beat himself up emotionally or have someone do it for him, but he still doesn’t defend. Perhaps he’s scared that that type of fight would, if resolved, involve admitting he loves her and ‘making her yours forever’, and he’s not ready to commit.
I think she would have pushed it, taken steps to find out before leaving in a huff.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I also think something is missing in the scene, but mainly on Ally's part. I agree with you jessegirl, Ally would normally have asked a million questions, she would have tried to make Tyler speak. I'm sure I would have done so. I understand that no one can think clearly in this type of situation but I wonder again if this is because it's written by a man.
However, I found the scene perfectly written for Tyler, for all the reasons you mention, and also because I remember I had to get through this sort of scene myself, when I was younger, and I was the "guilty" one. I couldn't react any more than he does, I was numbed, stunned and desperate, but I knew it was no use trying to make my boyfriend understand or to beg him to listen to me or even to run after him or touch him. So yes, I behaved exactly like Tyler in this scene. I didn't try to fight, I knew it was a lost cause.
It was as if I could almost feel what Tyler felt, it was weird. It felt so real and I can tell you I felt really uncomfortable because the film made me relive this moment all over again, with all the pain and anguish and panic I felt at the time.
But I still think Ally should have had a longer scene, demanding explanations. They looked very much in love just minutes before. She's more than right to give him hell but surely deep down inside her feelings could not vanish just like that? Surely if she had fallen in love with him, and even if this betrayal is a terrible blow, she would have tried to find some glimmer of hope in this mess, something to salvage from the mess? But then every person behaves differently, and you can never tell, this is certainly not the kind of moment when you can be in control.
I wonder if some dialogue was cut from this scene and if we will get an extended break-up scene. Although I personally find it so painful that I'm not sure I want it to be any longer!

jessegirl said...

Yes, Rum, perhaps you’re right about Tyler’s reaction. Again though, no matter how short or long, it seems that it’s another ‘real’ scene. I think Ally does have a glimmer of hope and would want to salvage but perhaps that would be at a later time, after the shock wore off?
I still think she would have grilled him. She’s a strong woman and hurt and would want to know. Agreed, if it were much longer it would have been pretty painful.

soozy said...

This was the one scene for me where it seemed Emilie was acting...and I think you hit it...they didn't give her enough to work with in the script. I thought Rob played it brilliantly felt his pain and how he struggled, knowing he had to do the right thing regardless of the consequences.

This is where Ally holds Tyler responsible for his actions. Up to this point, I'm not sure anyone really has. Yes, he's been arrested but as far as his family goes..his Mom never mentions his issues...whether or not she knows we aren't sure....his Dad just bails him out but doesn't deal with it. Aiden tried in the jail scene but Tyler only laughed at him....This time it hits him in the face. There's no glancing blow's a full on gut punch. He finally realizes that he cares about something in his life and he's blown it....he had no choice.

jessegirl said...

soozy...Yes, Rob does not perform off key throughout. He plays internal struggle very well, very convincingly.
Go, Ally, because, as you said, soozy, it was time Tyler took responsibility. And this is harder than getting your face bashed in or being choked because this is psychic pain, in this case, deserved.

InstantKarmaGirl said...

soozy, I think you're right about Ally holding Tyler responsible. That's exactly the key with Tyler.

I guess I don't know what I wanted out of the scene, probably a bit more pronouced angst. I would have liked to have seen Ally a bit more, but it seemed like, she's there, he says what he says and instantly, she's out the door. It just rang a little false to it MIGHT be because it was written by and for a man to act. This is Tyler's movie, so perhaps it's just that we're not necessarily meant to see all of the inner turmoil of Ally.

I just wanted a blow up, I think, something to drive that final nail into the coffin that contains Tyler's belief that he's all alone.

I love angst. I love drama. I love when scenes skirt that line between real and melodramatic...I just feel this scene could have gotten there with just a moment more of Ally's anger.

The slap felt contrived. Her returning to her dad felt forced to me...especially in light of their holiday together. His words don't even come close to making ME understand, and I was there to witness his first meeting with Neil, the plan Aiden cooks up, but Ally wasn't. I would have thought she would have been a bit more confused...because I was.

He says "I've met your dad before."

My reaction if I was Ally would have been, "Really? How do you know him?"

Tyler would have told me about the arrest and I would have said, ", what does that have to do with us?"

Something like that. I felt the back story of it needed a bit mmore explaining to her.

But the long and the short of it is that the writers did not build her character into being paranoid or expectant of this kind of thing, but she takes it so easily. It seemed easy for her to grab her shit and go. I thought it was a bit weak and a mite out of character.

But that's just me.

It doesn't take away from the film as a whole.

And yes, I think Rob was good in this scene. I understand why he didn't make it more than what it was, because Tyler wouldn't have. But this scene should not have been Tyler's. It should have been Ally's, imo.

LTavares2010 said...

For me it is a realistic scene. Tyler tells the truth about Aidan plan, she reacts with anger, it is an emotional scene but not in a very dramatic way as I have seen before in many films. Tyler not even tries to run after Ally. He accepts her decision, suffering quietly, as always. Ally goes away, she is more pragmatic than him, she learned that life goes on and that is it. They do love each other but they still didn`t perceive how much.
Ally comes back to Neil and Tyler to his life but both in life and in fiction things happen and in this specific case Aidan is there to make it happen. I love when he goes to her house, confesses his guilty and asks Ally, to return to Tyler.

Jen said...

I found this scene very emotional but it could of gone further. We saw Tyler’s face as he was smoking his cigarette knowing that he was going to have to admit that Aidan had been the one who got him to date her out of revenge for her father breaking his face. As it turns out she comes in happily and sees his face and he tells her what he did. Her anger is understandable and so was her slap but why she didn’t rant and rave to him like most women would of was I think a scene that could have been a bit more explosive.

Ally I am sure felt that she and Tyler were going to go further in their relationship, he listened to her and she to him. He introduced her to his family and made a date with his father to meet her. I thought he would of invited the whole family to eat before they went to Carolyn’s art exhibit. So by making sure his father met her was a very significant point I think in Tyler’s relationship with Ally…he wanted her to meet his father the man he was in constant odds with but regardless of their relationship he loves him and respects him.

I felt Ally being involved with his family at the beach during labor day and His birthday party gave Ally a feeling of being a part of his life and his family‘s and I am sure the feelings of love were rising in her. I am sure because Tyler included her in these festivities it was because he also loved her.

Tyler not going after her and trying to explain what happened was probably more a typical male reaction than not but I am sure it hurt him to see her run out the door telling him she knew “That’s exactly what you meant to do.” He didn’t go after her to try to explain or to stop her and that was hard to watch but again I think it was simply because he doesn’t know how to express his feeling to people. He only expresses his thoughts by writing to his dead brother as he did when he told Ally he had to tell him about her.

In reality I guess this is why they didn’t delve deeper into adding a long drawn out conversation between Ally and Tyler and why he did what he did to her as he Is unable to express his true feelings to anyone but to Michael who will never talk back to him but will always agree with what Tyler thinks.

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