Thursday, May 27, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #26

Maybe if you gave them a chance. Met people half way. Grew up a little.


soozy said...

I had to think about this scene the first time I saw it. I think it caught me off guard because it appears that Tyler loses patience with Caroline for the first time. He seems to be condescending and a bit critical of her here. I think his breakup with Allie is at the forefront of this. He's preoccupied and off kilter. What's happened bothered him and it shows here. For the first time we see him caring but unfortunately Caroline takes the brunt of it.

It's such a change in their relationship....I have to admit, he made me mad here. There was no attempt to make light of it as in earlier scenes. He was deep in his own problems. I get that...but it was sad that he couldn't offer his sister more encouragement.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Yes, soozy, I agree, it was sad, he was lost in his grown-up problems and he couldn't find enough patience to listen to his little sister's concern or to encourage her. His "grow up a little" was uncaring and harsh, and she got it perfectly. He realized he had been too harsh, but it was too late, she was already gone. When you think of what happens afterwards, it just breaks your heart. However, I could understand him, in a way, he was devastated by his break-up with Ally and things must have looked pretty bleak for him. I wasn't mad at him though like you were, because I think this is what would happen to mots of us in real life. Tyler is not an angel and he's not perfect. That's why I liked the scene - it was real, and genuine, like all the rest of the film. If Tyler had been extraordinarily kind and patient to Caroline, I think maybe I wouldn't have bought it.
Oh and by the way... I do so love the pink sleeping-bag... there was a series of great set pics of big Rob going around with his bright pink sleeping-bag, it was so hilarious at the time. :))

jessegirl said...

Well, knowing what comes just after this, Tyler’s words do seem less than ideal. Again, as you’ve both pointed out, he’s not perfect, and I can well imagine him, or anyone trying to get a sibling to brave uncomfortable situations, to keep the chin up and try to get to know the other girls a bit more. It is actually advice many of us have heard in books and in real life many times, I think. And I think his tone is a little impatient, but also soft, again, not loud.
Perhaps Caroline’s problems have become a little much for him after his break-up with Ally, as you’ve said. Now he has his own real relationship to deal with and grapple with.
After she leaves, he groans, knowing he’s blown it. That’s why the scene where he’s reading to her is doubly poignant.

Dare I bring up the fact that Caroline’s mother is absent? Typically, mothers bring their kids, to birthday parties. I’m curious how that hypothetical scene would have played out.

kat said...

I think this scene shows us just how much Ally's leaving has affected him. He is generally very kind, protective and concerned about her well being. Too many other things he is dealing with and he doesn't have the energy to worry about Caro's problems at the moment. His reaction after she goes in though made me think that he was feeling like he couldn't do anything right.

Jesse - on Diane not being the one to take Caro to the party - Will originally wrote it that way. :)

Anonymous said...

This scene of Tyler walking Caroline to the party (carrying pink sleeping bag) is one of my favorite movie scenes. My older brother at time would be out of patience with me. That's siblings stuff :-).

LTavares2010 said...

Tyler has a great understanding about the feelings of Caroline. She is solitaire, lives in her own world just like him. They are both equal in this aspect. Even surrounded by many people Tyler and Caroline are lonely people.
Although he is not a popular guy, it is so cute seeing him estimulating Caroline to give a chance for the other people to approach her. He cares about her, and acts like a dad would do.
Rob and Ruby have a great chemistry. They seem like a real family, when they are together in scene it is very emotional, touching. Their partnership is one of the highest points of this beautiful film.

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