Friday, May 28, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #25

"I really don't get grades. I'm not technically enrolled. I've just worked out this auditing thing."


soozy said...

Ok...when I was in school the first time, if you audited a class you didn't take tests to get grades thus no work for the teacher and next to nothing tuition. You just take up a seat which leads me to my thoughts....thanks for following that.

It seems as if Tyler is just taking up a seat in life also; not really committing to anything or anyone...not even school...not even a major. This way he has to make no decisions and most of all, he can't fail. I even wonder if his parents knew he was auditing. He could say he was in school, he could say he went to class....and they might just be none the wiser.

Now my thoughts as a recent grad....why the heck would you sit through a class and not get anything for it? OY! Is he nuts? Rant over.

InstantKarmaGirl said...

soozy, exactly.

He's undecided.


About everything.

That's the point, isn't it? Seriously, this kid is drifting. He doesn't even begin to ask himself the questions that will help him make these decisions about his life.

I think he's scared. It's been said on this site before, but he probably fears making decisions since his brother's decision led to the breaking of his family.

Despite who Charles is now, I don't think he was a workaholic until after Micheal's death. He might have been strong willed and demanding, but the pictures on his computer show a softer side of Tyler's father...not a "FATHER" but a dad.

I don't know why I threw that in, but I guess I just wanted to get that thought out.

As for why someone would sit through classes without grades, it's the joy of learning. I would totally do I could learn without the pressure of grades.

solas said...

Soozy--exactly-- was going to post something similar-- that this is an analogy of his life; he isn't invested, enrolled, in much, still auditing life, to see how it goes. It reminds me of what hte screamed to his father about the possibility of the other kids hanging themselves; he wasn't so sure he was going to stick around, commit for the long haul of life.

LTavares2010 said...

Tyler loves to shock people, he doesn`t even thinks about lying. He can omit but not lying. Ally begins to feel atracted by him and with the time, more involved with Tyler because a series of other circumstances.
I love Rob and Emilie, specially in this whole scene full of many emotions: insecurity, fun, passion, sadness, tenderness and at end, so much love. They are both perfect.

jessegirl said...

Take anything I say about this post lightly, because I’ve got a fever and other assorted symptoms....breathing is my top priority now.

I’m with Karma on the auditing thing and the joy of learning. If it was a stellar professor and the material was stimulating, I’d love to have the time and opportunity to do it too. But of course, as all of you have said, Tyler is doing so because he’s undecided about everything, including life itself---your wonderful phrase, soozy ‘taking up a seat in life’, and Solas, ‘auditing life’.

So when he first talks to Ally and she says she doesn’t date sociology majors, which leads him to say he’s undecided about everything, even if it is a line, he is not lying. That might also be a warning to Ally that he might also ‘audit’ relationships, like the one he’s attempting with her. Funnily enough, I think it is right after that that she extends her hand for him to shake.

But what I want to say in Tyler’s defence is that at least he is doing something. He knows it would be a waste of money to enrol, but he feels he should do something. And even if he is prodded, he does enter a real relationship with Ally, which is like a drifting man grabbing onto some part of life.

soozy said...

But do you guys really think Tyler was thinking about the joy of learning? I don't.... I get all that but not for this character. This burnt out college grad isn't going anywhere near a text book for a while...

Jessegirl...I hope you feel better soon....

LTavares2010 said...

I think everything in life is a question of time. We live in a world where everything changes and happens very fast but things are different with people. They still have their own rhythm. Tyler is only a young man traumatized by the death of someone he loved and admired. He couldn`t even be in college but he is, it is his choice, even auditing he is there attending the class which means he isn`t totally alienated from everything. He wants something. He just doesn`t know what, yet. I think he hopes to find an objective and the answer is in Charles, the importance that Tyler really gives to his father.

P.S. Hope you feel better soon, too, Jesse.
A big hug to you

soozy said...

It's like he's holding on by his fingertips....not willing to completely give up.

LTavares2010 said...


Yes. Perfect observation.

jessegirl said...

No, soozy, I don’t think Tyler was thinking of the joys of learning. I was speaking only for myself.
Yeah, it’s like he wants a non-official status, because he’s not ready to make official choices.
Thanks for your concern, everyone.

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