Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #27

He gets you drunk and sends you home smelling like a brewery, smelling like God knows what. You sure can pick 'em.
~Neil Craig


soozy said...

This line to me is another example of the cynicism that is Neil Craig's life. It's hard to blame him though. On top of his wife being murdered, I'm sure he's seen some awful things in his career with the NYPD. It's clear he's formed an opinion of Tyler before even meeting him and assumes the worst. He assumes he got Ally drunk and he sent her home after taking advantage of her. He almost absolves Ally of all blame...until the final kicker...'You sure can pick 'em.' That part is delivered more to hurt her for leaving him than anything. She didn't check in. She didn't call.

I honestly don't think it would matter who she was with; he wouldn't be good enough. Period.

LTavares2010 said...

"He gets you drunk and sends you home smelling like a brewery, smelling like God knows what. You sure can pick 'em. "
~Neil Craig

Neil Craig is a broken man since his wife`s death and Ally is the only reason he has to live since then. As Tyler, he is a traumatized and impulsive man, introspective, solitaire and in this particularly scene he is dominated by a mixture of jealousy and fear. He is afraid to loosing Ally but he doesn`t know how to express his real feelings then his reaction to the situation is to attack Ally moral and physically. Ally goes away, hurt and back to Tyler. I`d like to know if Ally had enough time to perceive all the similarities of behavior between Neil and Tyler. She treats them almost in the same way. Another girl who falls in love for the image of his father. It is so Greek mythology.
P.S. I must say again how I love Chris Cooper. He is a great actor and he is so amazing with Emilie and specially with Rob. Terrific!

jessegirl said...

Yes, Chris Cooper was on point throughout his whole performance in this film. What a sad character.
Yes, he absolves her of blame and also of responsibility--'he gets you drunk'--surely she would have some hand in that. Anyway, things a normal young college woman would take for granted, like going out and getting drunk the odd time, stuff like that, Ally would have to account for because all those activities might put her at risk and Neil couldn't bear it if anything happened to her. He's angry because he's scared
The boys, of course, wouldn't phone him and Tyler was relieved when her phone was dead, but surely it would be obvious to everyone that Tyler could have used his own phone. So, Ally is put into an awkward situation with her Dad because no one phones and Neil worries. To defend her behaviour she has to go on the offensive, telling him she smells beer too -on him. And worse. She gets him where he hurts most, his relationship with her mother and he strikes out. Oh man, I am not absolving him for striking her; there is no excuse for that. But so many issues come up every time they relate: and between her need for independence and his to keep her safe they spar a lot, I bet, esp. when a boy is involved.

Jen said...

He gets you drunk and sends you home smelling like a brewery, smelling like God knows what. You sure can pick 'em. "
~Neil Craig

The way Neil talked to Ally was shocking even thought I realized he was in a state himself. His daughter didn’t come home and didn’t call and he was besides himself. He violated her privacy by going into her desk and searching her address book. I found this very telling that even though she was an adult he felt that he still had the right to look into her private property (she was still his little girl) which of course set off the big fight. I found that the exchange of words infuriated Neil when Ally told him she was just like her Mom and knew how to pick men also.

The way he struck Ally was quite alarming to me and I am sure to her. She running back to Tyler’s was also unexpected as they had just gone on two dates and the last one was where they went drinking and she got so sick and passed out. I found Ally a very
self assured girl and found this action very interesting. Like did she
have any other friends she could of called instead to stay with or was Neil so possessive of her that she didn’t really have friends her

I remember when we first see her at home she is talking to someone and was going to get a ride with her and Neil said no he was taking her to school and this is where my thinking comes in to this thought.

InstantKarmaGirl said...

I feel so much for this little broken family.

This is the whole reason I adore this movie. The pain. It's about pain and how people deal with it.

Just amazing.

This was a very powerful scene.

And yeah, Chris Cooper is fantastic. He always gets these types of bad guy/edgy/on the verge roles, but he'll always be July Johnson to me.

Oh man do i love this movie?

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