Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #28

Is that a political statement? A medical condition, perhaps?


InstantKarmaGirl said...

Again, this is that "getting to know you" stage. He has no idea what tragedy she has witness, no idea that other people suffer as he does, and no idea that other people's lives have been shaped by so similiar pain as his.

This is a flippant question that would normally get a smile or a chuckle out of a "regular" girl...but from Ally, she is so well-versed in who she is, that she replies seriously about the nature of life. She responds philosophically, which gives Tyler that hint that what he saw in the classroom wasn't just a fluke...this girl is with it, this girl is DIFFERENT.

I really think this conversation about "In Case of Asteroids" changes his mind about why he is seeing her.

I love the comfortable awkwardness of this scene. The way he just looks at her, studying her and how confident she is under the weight of his eyes.

Have I told everyone how much I LOVE THIS MOVIE?

Heidi said...

And those facial expressions of his! They both were so good in this scene. One of my favorites! :)

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I remember guys generally laughed a lot in the theater when they saw Tyler's expression - how amazed he looked when the waiter shouted in the direction of the kitchen to ask what they had for dessert - and then his questioning, half-amused, half-annoyed look at Ally as he waited for her to explain. I think some of thel identified with Tyler at that moment. Great scene, so funny and yet so revealing! I loved how Ally completely took control and stood her ground and was so sincere an d serious, and he had to realize that this girl and this date were not going to be what he expected - at all. Did I tell you how I too love this movie??:))

jessegirl said...

Rum, Karma, you are so funny. Yeah, and I love this movie too. Duh.
Karma, I liked what you said about how Tyler probably doesn’t realize other people suffer as he does; he’s so wrapped up in his pain. By her unconventional and unique attitude, Ally is taking him out of his normal mind set, and it is so refreshing.
Heidi and Rum...those facial expressions of Rob’s in this scene are priceless, and perfect for Tyler here. I’ve never seen those expressions on him when he is just himself; they are Tyler.
And I loved this scene. (I’m in love with his voice. When he makes his order.)

LTavares2010 said...

An amazing scene. It's lovely the way Ally surprised Tyler and us, viewers, with the request of the dessert and the reaction of Tyler, a mixture of wonder and curiosity, is a bit of ours too. Rob and Emilie are very comfortable with their characters. They are very nice. Do I need to say how much I LOVE LOVING THIS FILM? YES, everytime possible. Love at first sight! REMEMBER ME is a film made by people who love and understand people.

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