Sunday, May 30, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #23

"She's not ready though, she's gonna need at least twenty minutes."


InstantKarmaGirl said...

His decision to spend time with Caroline keeps him from works but dooms Tyler to dying alone.

If only he had invited Tyler to take Caroline to school as a family.

I love this movie.

You know what my husband said the other day (did I already share this?) He said: Know what movie, i'd like to see again? That Remember Me movie.
I asked: Why?
He said: Because it's one of those social dramas, you know like a little glimpse into other people's lives.
I said: It'll be in our mailbox June 22nd and I think you're right. That's why I like it too.

I think it's something that my husband likes the movie. He doesn't go in for "chick flicks" and this proves that Remember Me is so much more. It's a film for everyone. My husband has dealt with a lot of the same pain Tyler has as a young man, so it's interested to see the ways in which my husband has connected to the movie. He's not as verbal about it as I am, but this is a movie that once it's in our house, he'll want to watch it every once in a while, which is more than most movies.

Anyway...we could quote the whole film and I'd say I love every line.

There are days when I think of this movie and tears well in my eyes. This story is so much more than just some movie RPattz was in.

The little snapshot into other people's lives, other people's pain is so haunting. I wish, other than buying the DVD, there was a way to let the creators know how important I think this film is.

LTavares2010 said...

This scene marks a resumption of a relationship between Charles and Caroline. Diane seems to be excited with the whole situation and Charles a bit shy, which is normal. I confess that is for me is difficult to sympathize with Charles and Diane, because as a normal human being I am tempted to judge the behavior of the two related to their children. I don`t like the way Diane treats Tyler and Caroline. She seems to ignore the problems of them. They only have each other to count. She expects Tyler can replace Charles in the life of Caroline and in some occasions that he can do a miracle to bring back the father into their lives. Charles, must be a good lawyer and seems to like being the center of the attention of everybody, including his family. Tyler, Caroline, Michael and even Diane want Charles. Must be hard for him to be so and not break. Maybe I am being unfair with Diane and Charles but it is only my thought, my vision as a daughter and not as a mother and based in the film, not in the script.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

It's very hard for me not to see this scene, and all the final scenes for that matter, of the film, without thinking: those are Tyler's last moments on earth, and they don't know it yet. It has this effect on me, of a growing impending sense of doom, of an increasing sadness. A few minutes afterwards Charles will get what is his son's last phone call ever. I didn't pay too much attention to this scene the first time I saw the film, now whenever I see it my heart clenches. I see it and I forget what it's about, I don't even hear Charles and Diane's words or pay attention to the warm look on Diane's face and to Charles's clumsiness, I only see two people who are going to lose their son. It's weird and very disturbing and painful, but this is how he film affects me now. I wonder if anyone feels like me? It makes me grieve. I have to see it over and over again to forget the pain of the ending.

InstantKarmaGirl said...

Rum, you are not alone. I've only seen it twice, but the second time, I kept thinking about Tyler and how in a few short moments, these people will again lose something very precious.

When I see Tyler's fingers touch the mouse, I ache because these are some of the last things he'll see. Janine is the last person he'll talk to.

It makes me want to weep now.

At least he knew his father loved him. At least he knew his father was beginning to try with Caroline.

Does anyone know which floor he was on. It seems macabre, but I've been wondering if he was killed instantly or if he had to fight before he was taken...The elevators show that he was above the 88th floor. He was in the North Tower.

I sort of assume that he was on one of the floors of impact (93rd through 99th). If he was above, than...*sob* I don't know if I can think about what he endured.

I'll have to study the film as the camera pulls away that last time...

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Karma, I remember someone said on one of our older RM threads of discussion that he was at the exact point of impact in the North Tower. When the camera pans away you can tell he's very high up in the tower but not at the very top. One of my friends even counted the floors during our numerous viewings - she was obsessed with the fact because 9/11 is very important to her on a personal level - and she wanted to know, and she said there were about 7 floors above the place where he stood. I've always assumed he was on one of the floors of direct impact. People talked and talked about that on the discussion thread because it's obviously very disturbing. It's bad enough that he dies, you don't want him to suffer a long time into the bargain. We concluded that he would have been gone instantly. The black screen after we last see him seems to imply that it was mercifully like that - one moment he was there, then the plane came and he was gone, his life snuffed out like a small candle light. He never was able to call since we see that Aidan never gets him on the phone after the attack.
I think I read somewhere that those who survived in the upper or lower floors had had time to call their loved ones and to say good-bye when they realized they were not going to make it. Although I don't remember if it was the case for both towers, or only for one of the two towers, and I don't really want to do any detailed research about that - maybe one day, but just now I can't, it's too much for me.
It speaks volumes about the power of this little film that we can feel so sad because of how Tyler dies... I am truly amazed by this film.

soozy said...

"She's not ready though..."

I read an alternate meaning to this statement. We get to observe Caroline's body language in the next moments with her father. She sits stiffly in the car and then exits without a word.

"She's not ready though..."

She's not ready to pick up the relationship with her father as if nothing had happened; as if they'd always been close. To me, Caroline needed time. In the end, though, we see them interacting in the museum and they've made great strides. I like to think that Tyler's death had some impact and that Charles was there for her. I can't imagine the pain that little girl endured losing her best friend like that...her father figure instantly taken away.

I've seen this movie 7 times and Caroline walking through the door of the school, searching for Tyler sends me into tears each and every time.

jessegirl said...

Karma...I think, as Rum does, that he was at the point of impact, although, like her, I’m not ready or willing to do the research. After I saw the movie I did find photos of the towers that day and it very much looked like Tyler was on one of those floors and would have been gone in an instant, merciful under the circumstances. Actually, Aiden’s inability to get him on the phone speaks to that.
Karma...I don’t remember your anecdote about your husband. It’s the kind I enjoy and put in my little list of the effects this film has had on a demographic no one realized would enjoy it.

soozy...About your alternate view of Caroline not being ready. Maybe. It probably would take some time and effort on Charles’ part to have his daughter initiate physical contact; she’s very self-contained at this point and he is not physically demonstrative. Also, as Tyler usually accompanies her she’s probably thrown by the change. She wasn’t smiling and they didn’t make eye contact.

LTavares...Well, I’ve spoken about Diane many times here and I won’t belabour it here.
It is true she uses Tyler to intercede for her with Charles, which shows me how broken that relationship is. And we know that Tyler will do as she asks to help her, but he resents it and doesn’t have confidence in his ability to do so. We would need to see a bit more of her to get a better understanding. I’ve said that before.
But she is trying to do something about Caroline’s problems. Remember when she’s on the phone, and so is Les, but the camera follows him? We hear her call in the background. She is distraught and insisting Caroline didn’t do anything. So she is trying but you can hear the desperation in her voice, the fragility.

When she speaks the lines for today’s quote, she is at first uncomprehending because this is so out of character for Charles. Then she smiles and you can tell she is just happy and hopeful.
I already knew, at that point, what was going to happen, or guessed, because I knew that his unusual behaviour, coupled with the quote of today, sealed it. Why would they keep in a line like: ‘She’s gonna need at least 20 minutes.’? It must mean something. And we damn well know what it means.

Anonymous said...

to instant karma girl, I paused the movie when the camera was pulling away showing the towers, and counted that he was around 15 or 16 floors from the top. The towers were 110 stories,so that would make him on the 95th or 94th floor, which are both the floors that the planes hit directly.

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