Thursday, June 3, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #19

"You went to the library?"


InstantKarmaGirl said...

Such a nice light moment between friends before the poop hits the fan.

And can we have a shout out for Tate? In my mind, he nailed this role, being the ultra-easy friend who down deep cares quite a bit.

soozy said...

I loved this entire interaction. How relaxed they all are with each other.

Here Aiden is boasting about life and while Allie is shocked and not believing him, Tyler is shocked and not believing he went to the library. That tells me that the revelations that Aiden is revealing aren't a surprise to him. Life is a social event to Aiden and through this and the scene were he grovels in front of the professor when he first sees Allie shows us that he doesn't take shoal or learning too seriously.

Tate did nail this part. He was entirely believable as this character and delivered his lines impeccably. His comedic timing was perfect as well as his facial expressions and voice inflections. I loved his character as much as I loved Tyler... I can't wait to see where he goes in his career.

Heidi said...

Loved Tate and how he added to this film. Their friendship felt so natural and the funny moments came at all the right times. Tyler needed that male support because he wasn't getting it from anyone else. Aiden seemed to know when to be there for him and when to give him more space.

Still can't believe how some people found his character to be annoying...they missed the meaning of his part entirely. Probably the same ones the didn't get the movie in the first place.

LTavares2010 said...

Aidan, Tyler and Ally. I love Aidan and his easy way of facing life. He is a regular guy but I think that Aidan understands Tyler of an own particular way, for him Tyler needs to be less introspective and that is why he is always looking to arrange a binge and stupid little games to try to get the friend of the bubble that he lives. Of course, in the most of the time it doesn`t function. But he tries something and at least Tyler can have a good laugh.
Ally appears in their lives, and Aidan realizes the chance of Tyler have some fun, relaxing but after Tyler and Ally have a fight, he sees how important she is for his friend's life and how she can help him, so he goes to Ally`s house to confess his guilty in the story of "revenge", and he expects her to return to Tyler. Ally and Aidan begin to develop a good friendship between them.
Tyler likes Aidan because of his immature way, light, funny but most of the time for not be charging him serious attitudes toward life, not talking about what happened with Michael and not stare at him with pity. He knows he can count on Aidan but in a different way. With Ally is logical that besides the relationship of attraction between a man and a woman, Tyler discovers a strong woman who has gone through what he has, and she can come to understand him just like Caroline.
It is love in different ways that unites these three persons. It is talent that these three good actors have in common.

jessegirl said...

Yes, I agree, Tate did a fine job portraying Aiden and Aiden was an important person in Tyler’s life. Soozy, like you said, his comedic timing and facial expressions were so perfect. I’m sure we all have favourite Aiden lines or moments. But throughout, Tate gave a great performance.

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