Monday, May 31, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #22

"I can do teens."
"Just have a conversation on the oft chance one of us says something interesting."


InstantKarmaGirl said...

People don't do what they don't want to do, so even though he talks to her under the guise of Aiden's revenge plan, he talks to her for himself and you can see this in the manner of how he speaks. He uses Aiden as the butt of the joke, and with this, I feel that he's trying to convince her by playing disinterest.

"oh, you know, we might be boring and annoying or, hey, you never know you might like something I say, I might like something you say, but either way, I don't care."

Which to me, is at the core of his character. We talk a lot about Tyler "auditing" life, and he does, but deep down, he KNOWS he cares. He can't check out completely because he cares about Caroline. He keeps going. He hasn't given up. People who give up completely don't get out of bed in the morning. They don't go to school or work and they don't engage with the people they already know, much less new people. Trust me, I know.

So I think Tyler's really just calling out here. This is his last ditch effort to make a new connection, to find some hidden meaning in his life.

If she had turned him down, who knows where the story would have taken him.

As for our previous discussion, I've done a lot of research and I do think that he was in the area of impact in 1 WTC (93-99) floors. And as heartwrenching as it is to read about it, it's been important in my overall healing process.

We all have our own memories of that day and as an American, I can say that one day I just shut it all off and refused to think about it anymore. I don't think our country has come to terms with it yet because we always just push on and find something else to focus on.

But it's helped, even when I read such horrific things written by the rescue workers, survivors, and victim's families.

If anyone wants a good documentary on it, one is simply called 9/11 and it's from two French filmmakers. It's the firefighter's story. It's not sensationalistic, it just gives a true and honest account of the events of that day through the eyes of firefighters.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Karma, this is an aside - you've been very brave to do the research. I'm not American - I'm French- but 9/11 was such a horrific thing for me that I refused to look at the TV, at pictures on the Internet - I avoided them as much as I could. For a long time I tried to escape all the visual details and even not to read anything too specific about it. It was too much for me. I must be the only person in the world who never saw the pictures of the event - till recently, till this film made me find the courage to find out more about it.
What are the names of those two French filmmakers? I'm curious to know, I didn't know about this documentary at all. Thanks in advance!

InstantKarmaGirl said...

Rum- Jules and Gedeon Naudet

LTavares2010 said...

I can do teens."
"Just have a conversation on the of chance one of us says something interesting."

I love the way Tyler gets close to Ally, the way he looks, his body language. He is so sweet, a young gentleman. Ally seems, at first look, not be impressed with him but I don`t really know, I have my doubts. Her eyes shine while he talks and for me it is enough. If I was in her place it would be impossible not to look at Tyler, listen his talking with his soft voice, see his cute smile and not be at least curious ( really, I would be melted ).
I don`t think, in any moment, that Tyler has accepted the story of revenge that Aidan suggested. For me he took this story as an excuse for him to get close to Ally. The fact that she is the daughter of Craig just makes him more curious and interested to know her better.
It is the first encounter between Tyler and Ally and that is when I can feel the good chemistry between Rob and Emilie. They did a great job together. They gave their characters: humanity, emotion and passion.

Heidi said...

InstantKarmaGirl-I have that documentary and it literally takes your breath away...just knowing they were right there capturing it as it happened. Very powerful.

I agree that Tyler is a very caring individual who wants to reach out and find that someone who he can connect with who will make him feel loved and truly cared about, things that help to make his life more meaningful.

Love this movie so much!

jessegirl said...

He deflects her, ‘19’, with, ‘I can do teens’ and I always laugh at that line, the sexual innuendo. I like the line ‘on the off chance...’ which is quirky. Now one thing no one has mentioned. There he is—yes Ltavares, I get it, the melty part—but his face is all bashed and bruised. She makes no comment on that, which I find interesting. He’s adorable here and she’s playing hard to get.

Oh yes, Karma, he cares! He is a deep soul who is only on the brink of nothingness BECAUSE he cares so much. I don’t think the ‘auditing’ part we’ve talked about is apathy; I think it’s terror. He knows getting involved, being invested in anything or anyone, means you can’t just ‘check out’ like Michael did, not really. Auditing is place-holding or half-heartedly trying things on for size, because his big job, as I’ve said before, is in the diary, the grief. But oh man, he cares. Why keep punishing yourself and get yourself beaten up if you don’t care? So auditing is giving the appearance of normalcy—sort of—while he does his real work. Instinctively, Tyler knows this.’ve got a lot to be proud of and you’re tackling your real work with this too. Just like Tyler.

LTavares2010 said...

"...but his face is all bashed and bruised. She makes no comment on that, which I find interesting."
Well observed, Jesse. I think it would be almost impossible for me not asking him about the bruises, maybe Fetters wrote this part thinking as a man and not like a woman.
I love your words about Tyler: "He is a deep soul " "he cares so much". One of the most painful things for me is to see the suffering of Tyler.

Heidi said...

I also think Tyler is very introspective...every time we see him he's got this look about him where he seems to be constantly in deep thought. The eyes say it all. Love the hard work Rob put into creating Tyler...he done such an amazing job! :)

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

This was a really lovely scene, with the back and forth playful and yet cautious exchange between the two. I keep repeating the same thing over and over, but it felt so true. The way he walks towards her, not so self-assured after all although he certainly knows he's handsome and girls like him. And yet you can feel he's a bit worried. Ah, it's hard to be a guy sometimes :)). I loved the way he unleashed all his seduction power on her - you could literally feel it and as Ltavares said, it's hard to imagine any girl resisting him. I remember how his eyes sparkled like blue fire, how he smiled - even Edward can't pull it like that, Tyler's way is so much more compelling. I loved how he fought hard to convince Ally, inventing this wild sociology study story, turning the tables on Aidan, going into wilder and wilder directions, inventing all the way and yet staying focused.. you felt he really wanted to win the game, to get the girl. This was really like seeing all the male predator game here, all the hunter's tricks. PLus, you felt he really enjoyed it, and that Ally totally got it and enjoyed it too. You could see her barely containing her laughter. And the look on Tyler's face when she doesn't laugh at his joke about "Anonymous" being perhaps a Greek name... I remember guys just howled with laughter when they saw his expression - I'm sure it reminded them of similar experience, when you try to be funny and winning and the girl doesn't respond and makes you feel juts stupid. I really love that scene, it was one of the funniest and lightest in the film, people laughed so much... oh dear, and I couldn't help wondering if Rob is a bit like that in real life when he wants to seduce a girl, or if it's just the part... anyway, I'm sure I never would have resisted!

jessegirl said...

Rum...the guys laughed, did they? I don’t remember what the audience was doing at all. I laughed; I hope that doesn’t make me a sadist. ;)
Yeah, Heidi, Rob owns Tyler, lock, stock and barrel.

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