Friday, June 4, 2010

Remember Me Opens in Venezuela and Bolivia

It's our last known opening and it has been a long time coming. Remember Me opens in Venezuela today! Remember Me opened yesterday in Bolivia also.

RPattzVzlaFans (rbddulker on IMDb) has compiled a list of tweets from some of the audience membersin Venezuela who were fortunate enough to see an early screening of Remember Me on June 2nd. Maria, I am so happy that you are finally getting to see this film. You were one of my first international followers asking about their country's release date and you were so persistent and hopeful. I was very glad when the opening was announced, that you would be able to see it for sure! I know that you will love it!

Translated from Spanish to English :

@ Ajnc7 Thanks for the pre-premiere of #RememberMe @Cinex_noticias Excellent movie

@Venus_Luna @Cinex_noticias #RememberMe excellent movie .. sad ... Thanks friends..

@purplegirl86 @Cinex_noticias Amazing!!!!! Great movie and wonderful acting of Robert Pattinson ... Thank you very much Amigos! # RememberMe

@carluchinis @Cinex_noticias excellent movie, I left the room crying, I loved it. Thanks for the invitation

@BrigitteRivasOb @Cinex_noticias I love, though romantic drama and I laughed many times .. Robert Pattinson was incredible .. Thanks for everything

@madehoney @Cinex_noticias Excellent movie and acting of Rob Perfect!

@IngRamGraco @Cinex_noticias excellent movie # Remember 100% recommended a tod @ s jeje a romantic movie with a super unexpected end

@alizyoselin @Cinex_noticias Excellent # RememberMe a very beautiful movie, sad, a very good message about vida.100% recomendable

Here are the original tweets in Spanish:

@Ajnc7 Gracias por la premier de #Recuérdame @Cinex_noticias Excelente película about 16 hours ago via web

@Venus_Luna @Cinex_noticias Recuérdame excelente pelicula..algo triste...Gracias amigos Cinex.. about 6 hours ago via web

@purplegirl86 @Cinex_noticias ESPECTACULAR!!! Gran Pelicula y maravillosa la actuación de Robert Pattinson...Muchísimas Gracias Amigos!! #Recuérdame about 6 hours ago via web

@carluchinis @Cinex_noticias excelente pelicula, sali llorando de la sala, me encanto. Gracias por la invitacion about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@BrigitteRivasOb @Cinex_noticias a mi me encanto, aunque era de drama y romantica me rei muchas veces.. Robert Pattinson estuvo increible.. Gracias por todo about 6 hours ago via Twitter for BlackBerry®

@madehoney @Cinex_noticias Excelente pelicula y la actuacion de Rob Perfecta! about 3 hours ago via TweetDeck

@IngRamGraco @Cinex_noticias excelente pelicula #Recuérdame 100% recomendada a tod@s jeje una peli romantica con un super final inesperado about 1 hour ago via web

@alizyoselin @Cinex_noticias excelente #Recuérdame un pelicula muy hermosa,triste,con muy buen mensaje sobre la vida.100%recomendable 9 minutes ago via web


RobPattzVzlaFans said...

Thanks for posting Kat :)

Counting the hours to see RM !!!!!

Today yesssss

jessegirl said...

That's great! I have a feeling the South American fans will love it.

LTavares2010 said...

Good News!! Great comments!!! Now it is time to Bolivia and Venezuela appreciating this beautiful and sensitive filme, besides give their support to Rob.

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