Saturday, June 5, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #17

"You don't have to forgive him today, just forgive him."


LTavares2010 said...

This scene is adorable. I love Aidan`s facial expression when he talks to Ally and assumes that the idea of a vengeance plan was his and not Tyler`s. His words: "You don't have to forgive him today, just forgive him." are Aidan`s way. Lovely.
I just wanted to give a kiss on his face. Aidan is so adorable with Tyler. He cares so much about him and perceives how important Ally is for his friend`s life.
I have to say that Tate did a great job, one more time. A good character to a nice actor.
By the way, in this scene, Chris Cooper/Craig with an apron, is really cute.

John said...

This is one of my favorite quotes of the whole movie!!!!

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I love it when he says with a contrite look on his face :"Look, I'm a prick". The interaction between him and Ally is great. Although she doesn't show it, I think she's secretly glad to find him on her doorstep. I'm sure she still loves Tyler even though she's mad at him and I guess a million emotions and thoughts must have crossed her mind when she finds Aidan ringing her doorbell. I'm pretty sure she must know he has come as a sort go-between and that - even unconsciously - her heart mus be beating faster. News from Tyler, something about him. What girl wouldn't think about this, whatever she decides after that? Aidan's line are great anyway. He's absolutely perfect. His interaction with Craig are hilarious - have you noticed how he steps back promptly, almost tripping when Craig opens the door, impressive even though he's wearingt this apron?

LTavares2010 said...

Welcome on board, John!! I visited your site about Emilie. It is very good.

Your comment is so romantic, the whole thing about her heart beating faster is lovely. About Craig and Aidan, very funny. I love this whole scene.

jessegirl said...

Yeah, I hear you, Rum. What you say about Ally? That would have been me, or any girl in love with Tyler. Even just to hear someone else say his name. Just that. And the fact that she did forgive him before the end is absolutely significant and necessary.

I think it’s fantastic that Aiden stepped up to the plate, even though he stepped backwards when confronted with the intimidating, apron-clad form of Craig (lol). (I wonder who thought of the apron thing? Magic.) Obviously it was to point out that the clothes do not make the man, and that Craig is very comfortable in his masculinity. Anyway, Tyler’s predicament has made Aiden face up to his guilt and do something about it. He loves Tyler and will act for him. That’s impressive and shows the complexity and growing maturity of that character.

And the line about forgiveness. Now we have it. One of the central and underlying themes of this film. It is always there, lurking, needing resolution, whether it is characters having to forgive each other or themselves. Is it not the last thing spoken in the film? Tyler’s voiceover. Yessiree. If one wants to delve into this film, this is a huge portal. Hmm. I need to think this one through.

soozy said...

I love this scene! We get to see a different side of Aiden. Gone is the happy go lucky, party guy. He's serious here and it's the contrast that gets our attention and holds it.

To me, by saying 'you don't have to forgive him day, just forgive him', he's acknowledging the seriousness of what's happen. He isn't taking it lightly and he's saying that he understands that she's upset and that she has a right to feel that way. He wants her to think about it while gently urging her to forgive Tyler.

It's so sweet that Aiden does this. He hunts down her information, travels to her house to fall on his sword for his best friend. Wow. And Tate played it perfectly.

Welcome aboard, John. Now I'm gonna have to go check out this website.

Anonymous said...


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LTavares2010 said...


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LTavares2010 said...

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kat said...

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