Sunday, June 20, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #2

"What a day!"


InstantKarmaGirl said...

this picture is so heartbreaking and Janine's comment about the day is equally heartbreaking because it was true. So beautiful, it's what everyone says.

LTavares2010 said...

"What a day!"

11/9/2001 is an unforgettable day. I still remember it very well. I was working at school here in Brazil when a colleague arrived and told me that USA had been attacked by terrorists. I simply could not believe it. It was surreal for me. When I came home and saw it in TV, I was shocked. I just could think about the people who were in those planes, and in those buildings.
Years later, this tragedy, like many others, still echoes in my life, in everyone`s lives.
"Remember Me" is a tribute to all Janines and Tylers that went to live in our hearts from that day forward. The creatures, that have caused so much suffering, pain, horror and indignation, not counted on, was that love and missing would speak louder and would inspire stories like of Tyler. Stories that are turned into movies that do not skimp us on emotion, this state of mind that makes us human and makes the world to think better.
Although crying in this scene, I was not sad because I felt peace in Tyler`s eyes, in his words and I could only think: he is not alone, Janine is with him, Michael is with him, we're with him, forever.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

This scene always breaks my heart. It's always very hard for me to see it.
I read in the post about the DVD commentary that Emilie cried when they shot this scene. What more can I add?

jessegirl said...

There's not much to add, Rum. You, Karma and LTavares have pretty much covered it. My son went missing on a beautiful day, and, at times, I would stare out the window during equally gorgeous days that followed, numb, the void taking me over. I would be aware that the beauty of those days was passing me by, that I was missing it, because a film, a veil, lay between me and the day. Ah yes, beautiful days. Terrible things can happen on any day, can't they?

LTavares, what words you gave us!
"...I was not sad because I felt peace in Tyler`s eyes, in his words and I could only think: he is not alone, Janine is with him, Michael is with him, we're with him, forever."
That is the real beauty, isn't it. But you still made me cry. Gulp.

Anonymous said...

i love the twilight saga

LTavares2010 said...

Thank you.

Your comment touched me a lot. Delicate and moving. Sorry for making you cry.
A big hug to you.

Sophie said...

My tears flowed during this scene. And since the movie goes silent around this time, it took everything I had not to sob aloud. I just kept thinking about the potential of Tyler's character. You know, where his relationship with his dad would eventually go, how his sister would fare without his love, and poor, poor Ally.

*I'm tearing up just writing this.*

LTavares2010 said...



Heidi said...

This is the point where my heart fell to my knees because I knew what was coming next. It's both an end and a beginning for Tyler and his family.

Even though Tyler is a fictional character, did you all find yourself grieving for him, too after the movie ended? I felt like I actually lost a member of my own family.

Jen L. said...

Yes, Heidi, yes. Rob's performance was that authentic, that moving. You're not alone...

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

@Sophie - I felt the same. Everything Tyler could have become, gone in an instant; and all his poor family and Ally who loved him so much, left alone to grieve him.
@Heidi - Yes, Rob's performance was so good, everyone I know who saw the film was left stunned and grieving for Tyler as he were a real person, someone we knew in real life. Someone I know was so even so disturbed by the film that she confessed to me later that she went to browse some Twilight sites to check that Rob was still alive and well in London...

jessegirl said...

Sophie, sweetie, and Rum mentioned somewhere, and unfinished life. The tragedy of this beautiful being killed. And the superb job Rob did of bringing us this Tyler, The Tyler.
He doesn’t really know; he finds so much fault in his work—which is what all true artists do—he just does not know.

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