Sunday, June 20, 2010

Our Remember Me Reviews

Hi, my name is Elena, I'm Italian, so sorry for my English. I have just seen Remember Me. I watched it with great attention, and some expectations. I was brave during the end, and didn't cry. But now I'm at home, and I can let my emotions flow.

And I can say that this movie has one great characteristic: it gives emotions. And this is what a movie should give. I loved the characters, and all the actors. And I loved the story. And you gave me emotions with your story, Mr. Coulter, so thanks a lot. Because every day, and I repeat every day, someone should tell us how much is important to live the moment, to live the emotions, and to tell to our dearest how we love them. Why aren't we able to do this? Why we let pass every day of our life without trying, and only surviving, not really living? Thanks again, because you made me think, and reflect, and smile and cry....

Thanks to all the cast, and crew for this movie. God bless you!


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LTavares2010 said...

Simple and delicate. I love your review, Elena.

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