Monday, June 21, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #1

"Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch."


Jen L. said...

I had a feeling this would be Quote #1. What else could it be?
But seeing that picture of the journal, charred in the ruins... MAN that just froze my heart all over again. God.
What IS it about this movie that just takes you over so?? Even when you click on this site, and hear the opening strains of the haunting music, see any pictures of Tyler (who we, as intelligent people, know damn well isn't Rob, but a fictional character we all came to care about through his fantastic, grounded performance) -- it all just grips you all over again. You can't shake this movie once you've seen it, it just lingers, stays with you...

Thank you to whoever took the time and effort to post these daily quotes for the last few weeks. I think I speak for all fans who've checked in here when I tell you it has been enjoyed and appreciated.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

Thanks Kat for posting all the DVD comments and making us share together!
That beautiful line from the movie is of course so appropriate for the last quote. I love how it's like the underlying theme of RM, ever-present, like a haunting, recurrent melody. And how we carry it into our own lives afterwards, never to forget it.
Thanks for all the Quotes! I'm definitely going to miss them.

LTavares2010 said...

"Our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch."~Tyler/ "What a day!"~Janine“I love you."~Tyler"Good! I love you too."~Ally/ "It's OK, it's OK!"~Ally/"Michael, Caroline asked me what I would say if I knew you could hear me. I said I do know. I love you. God, I miss you. And I forgive you". ~Tyler/ "I know you're not here for me ,but I just wanted you to know I think you're incredible" ~Tyler/ "Just give me the word and I'll steal their bicycles."~Aidan/ Let me check my book. Abso-freaking-lutely! I'll be there a day early. I'll camp out!~Tyler/ "Gandhi said that whatever you do in life will be insignificant, but it's important that you do it. I tend to agree with the 1st part."~Tyler/ "OK. Using your sister is just dirty pool."~Ally/ "Hey doll face your dad trampled all over my civil liberties, wanna make out?"~Tyler/ “Who's fat? Which Yankee is fat? Tell me."~Charles/"You think you know me, but you don't." ~Tyler/ "It must be nice living at the bookstore, by yourself, with all your stacks of books. But, you see, I actually plan on having a career, and a wife, and a girlfriend, and a... and a divorce, and a mid-life stalking episode, and an erectile dysfunction."~Aidan/ "My dad just doesn't know what's going on right now."~Ally/ "Not never? So, hum, dessert first for fear of asteroid yes but, hum, kissing a guy you’re seem to be attracted to, at least, hum, before driving off into the unknown New York City night alongside a panda you only just met? No. Great."~Tyler/ "You don't have to forgive him today, just forgive him."~Aidan/ (...)
"Your not random, your Tyler's girlfriend" ~Caroline/ "I don't wanna be bailed out of anything."~Tyler/ "This is one of those Thhiiinnnggs, I'm regretting already". ~Tyler/ You think, that whatever you feel in your heart, I don't also feel it in mine?" ~ Charles Hawkins/ The schematic for these particular shelves is authors who've slept together and ended up dead or imprisoned."~ Tyler/ You're kinda lost, aren't you? Taking a little vacation in coach before finding your way back to first class? ~ Sergeant Neil Craig/ Tattoo?~Ally/ "Yea, Tyler, can we make this a non-smoking statue?"~Caroline/ "I guess it was just here to tease me."~Tyler.

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Remember Me
robErt pattinson

I want to thank Kat for posting these quotes. It was really great. I am going to miss them too and our discussions. I want to congrat Allen Coulter, Will Fetters, all the cast and crew of Remember Me and mainly Robert Pattinson, for being the soul of this film.

jessegirl said...

I ditto everyone’s remarks about how cool your quotes idea was, Kat. Perhaps everyone is tapped out, thunk out about it, but, with the DVD, perhaps a whole batch of newbies will come here and be dying to get in there with their own comments. Perhaps there’s life in the old girl yet. Or you could have questions people could comment on. Along the lines of: ‘Why did Tyler do...? What was Caroline thinking in the restaurant? Les? etc....

I find it interesting that there’s a new green phrase for being good to the environment: “Leave as small a footprint as you can.” On nature, of course. People should respect nature and stop despoiling it and minimize their imprint on the natural world (because it seems we so often f*ck it up). But we still want to be remembered when we die, which is not the same.

Tyler, of course, is saying something really different, but I was struck by the ‘imprint’ idea. “The lives we touch”, lives we touch, touch. The point is to leave an imprint, a mark, leave your mark, to touch people in some way. Therefore, your mark will always exist within other people. Immortality. Will not fade. You make such an impression that it will be indelible. It will stay with people. It will remain. Something about you will resonate, will haunt, will be carried inside those people whom you touched.

Like Tyler gently touching Janine’s arm. Kissing his sister’s forehead. Making love with Ally. Touching by toughing it out with Neil. Lifting the weight off of Aiden. Provoking Charles to lunge. Accepting his mother’s kisses. In so many ways, just counting the physical, Tyler touched people. Oh, and of course Michael. Every time Tyler touched his journal or wrote in it, he touched his brother. Emotionally, he touched them all the time, even when withdrawn. Wow, that’s a lot of fingerprints. He couldn’t help himself. He’s just Tyler and that’s him. We all felt the touches, didn’t we? His look of vulnerability when Ally sees his tattoo. His look of nausea while watching ‘American Pie’. His battered self on the floor, pounding his foot in frustration. His tenderness when reading his sister the story. And so on. He touched us. Again and again. We’ve been marked pretty much all over by this recurrent touch. That’s Tyler, even when aloof, morose, ‘absent’. He still touches. Because he shows us himself.

Who here can say that Tyler’s fingerprints will disappear from their lives? Who? Something has resonated, something will haunt us, will be carried inside, will not fade. It is the way he touched us all, isn’t it? And now, it is the way “Remember Me” touched us all. It is imprinted on us like an indelible tattoo and it has changed some of us too. That is just the nature of this film

jessegirl said...

Oh and I love discussing with all of you who have contributed to the comments. You're so insightful, caring and sensitive, so thoughtful. Thanks for bouncing ideas around.
Of course, it's not the end, but still...

Heidi said...

@jessegirl-You have such a wonderful way with words! I've been coming here for many months and I will miss reading all the great comments and insights from everyone.

Much thanks to Kat from me as well. *hugs*

InstantKarmaGirl said...

Is this the end of our discussions?

I hope not. With owning the DVD, I'll be able to gain more insights.

Will you wonderful people still be around to help me wrap my mind around this?

What's amazing about this film is that it left Tyler's fingerprints on my life...and that's hard for a fictional character to do.

The filmmakers should be very proud at what they've done.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

I too hope it's not the end - but the beginning of new, great discussions :)). I like jessegirl's idea of asking questions and commenting on them. What about that?

I Love Twilight Brasil said...

I really love Remember Me...the best film I ever saw...the best performance of Rob... the best Rob's character, at least so far.

I love your site, thank you for everything you post here, for the care and work.

Hugs and much love and success to you and Rob!

Jen L. said...

@jessegirl -- I felt compelled to write to you for what may be the last time...
I've been following your posts about this movie since it premiered back in March, both on the Rope Of Silicon site (where I "met" you) and here. Of all the continued comments, I think it's safe to say yours have been the most powerful.
You have an incredible gift for putting into words how a lot of us felt about this movie, the characters, the story, and just how it made us FEEL.
I hope you continue to find outlets for your obvious talent, creativity, and heartfelt soul. Keep writing. You need to do that. The world needs to hear good, honest voices like yours.
So, in case this is goodbye, I just wanted to wish you the best of everything in life. Through your many insightful, touching posts, you left fingerprints on my life in your small way, and on others' too, I'd bet. I wish you well.

To all of my fellow RM fans, I wish you well too. :)

jessegirl said...

Thanks, Jen. Yeah, we've been comment 'buddies' for a while and it has been fantastic! I feel honoured to have 'met' you, and Rum *big hugs*, LTavares, soozy, Heidi, Karma on this site and some of us regulars on ropesofsilicon. That was a fest, wasn't it. (Oh, by the way, someone said Brad Brevet linked back to that article with the 333 comments just today? with the release of the DVD. I'm going to check back in a few days and see if anything has happened.)

Thanks for the kind words about my writing. I am now story and character arcing my second and third novels, but RM has intruded on that endeavour. I think the film's interruption was meant to be. Meeting all of you, working through stuff, and more, RM has been this miraculous catalyst, which will go unrecognized--despite my naive efforts--by the official bodies in charge of such things.

And, back at you, Jen, with the good wishes. Maybe we'll meet again.

There's only so much people can comment about even this superlative film, but we have gone all over the place, haven't we. Karma, Rum, I've had a blast and would like it to continue in some way too.
Kat, are you in? Hit us with your best shot!
Love ya, Kat!

xxxxoooo to all of you.

kat said...

Thank you all so much for your kind words. Believe me when I say that each of you have made these past weeks so much better by taking part of the blog and by responding in such an insightful, interesting and heartfelt way. It has been a huge pleasure to be able to provide the means by which we were all able to share.

When I first had the idea to use quotes as a countdown (I actually took the idea from Steph Meyer's site which had a quote countdown to Breaking Dawn), I never imagined that it would generate such a response and I want to thank you all for your contributions.

I also knew that this quote would be the last quote, as it so perfectly sums up the film for me. It is a film that I will continue to love and watch in years to come. It has also allowed me to "meet" many new people, both on-line and in real life who will always leave their fingerprints on my life too.

I'm up for anything that you all want to do here. If there is interest, I am interested. We can use this site if we want to do questions for awhile or we could start a discussion board if we think that type of format might work better. Let me know your thoughts here or send an email if that's better.

Again, thank you all for being part of this site!


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