Thursday, June 24, 2010

Tate's been quite busy with interviews that he has been doing in conjunction with the Remember Me DVD release. And that is good for us! In this interview, he talked to Christina Radish of via telephone.

Tate Ellington Talks Remember Me
by Christina Radish

Now out on DVD, Remember Me is an unforgettable story about the power of love, the strength of family, and the importance of living passionately and treasuring every day of one’s life.

Tyler (Robert Pattinson) is a rebellious young man in New York City, who has had a strained relationship with his father ever since tragedy separated their family. At the encouragement of his best friend, Aidan (Tate Ellington), Tyler meets Ally (Emilie de Ravin), who understands everything that he’s going through. As her spirit unexpectedly heals and inspires him, he begins to fall for her and, through their love, he begins to find happiness and meaning in his life, until the events of 9/11 change their lives forever.

During a recent exclusive phone interview with IESB, actor Tate Ellington spoke about playing Rob Pattinson’s best friend, identifying with his character and the behind the scenes features that are included on the DVD.

IESB: How did you get into acting? Did something guide you down that path?

Tate: We didn’t really have any sort of acting thing at high school. I grew up in a town in Mississippi, and there was one theater in Jackson that was the only place to go see anything. I was originally painting. That was my thing. That’s what I still do, and that was my initial plan to go to college for. I got a scholarship for it and was supposed to be heading there. I had always wanted to try acting, and the one theater in Jackson had this summer program for two weeks, so I decided to give it a go and try it there. It turned out to be almost like a daycare. I was 17, at the time, and there was one other 16-year-old, but everybody else was eight. I felt really weird and out of place. But, the instructors ran the theater too and they asked me to audition for “The Diary of Anne Frank” for their coming season, and I did and got the job.

That was where I was sold on it. We started rehearsals and I had just never felt more at home. I was like, “This just feels right. This is exactly what I want to do.” There was one night on stage that we were doing the show, and we were already about a week in or so, and it was just some random scene that we were doing, but I just had one of those moments where I was like, “I want to do this for the rest of my life. This is what I want to do.” So, I had to turn down the art scholarship and that’s when it all started. After that, I ended up going to the University of Mississippi and tried to double major in art and theater there, but it just became too much, so I had to pick one. I knew I could always do art on my own, but I didn’t know anything about theater and wanted to learn, so that’s how it started.

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Thank for the link Kat! It's a great interview, genuine et full of details and insight on Aidan's character. I'm definitely going to translate it some day (when I find time to), I don't think anything about Aidan has ever been posted in France.

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