Thursday, March 25, 2010

20 Minuten On-Line Talks with Robert Pattinson

Rob sat with Switzerland's 20 Minuten Online and answered some really good questions about Remember Me.

Robert Pattinson, in your new film you play alongside Pierce Brosnan, how was the cooperation between you and the ex-Bond.

Your film character Tyler is like a chocolate dessert: What is expected of him is just so much different than what you actually get it ...

How did you come from the vampire Edward in "Twilight" the rebel Tyler in "Remember Me"?

You started your career very young as Cedric in "Harry Potter". Was that a good school for a Hollywood release?

Where does the fascination with movies like "Twilight"?

At the BAFTA Awards, I noticed that the fans were screaming for you much more than for Prince William ...

Thanks to alison4828 and Robert Pattinson Life

20 Minuten


Anonymous said...

hello, just wanted to say that the interview is from switzerland and not germany. other than that... great!

kat said...

Fixed. Thanks!

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