Sunday, March 21, 2010

Chris Cooper talks with The Cinema

Rocco Passafuime at The Cinema talked recently with Chris Cooper. In this interview, Chris touches on why he took the part, working with young actors, how he approaches a role and what the future holds for him.

Chris Cooper
"Impossible to Forget"

by Rocco Passafuime

When it comes to consistency, actor Chris Cooper has delivered for giving the most intense performances in the last 25 years of Hollywood film. This runs the gamut from his film debut in Matewan to Lone Star to A Time To Kill to American Beauty to The Bourne Identity to Adaptation (which garnered him a Best Supporting Actor Oscar) to Seabiscuit to Jarhead to Syriana to Breach.

Now Chris Cooper brings his trademark intensity to his latest role as troubled father Neil Craig in the romantic drama Remember Me. The 58 year-old first discussed what motivated him to the film.

Spoilers near end on interview.
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