Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Box Office Update - Russia (CIS) Rocks Remember Me

In Monday sales, Remember Me pulled in $272,797 in the domestic Box Office.

Total Domestic Box Office to Date:

And in international news, Remember Me pulled in $1,824,579 in 290 screens! And word from Russia is that screening are still being sold out!

Australia added $196,170 in receipts last week, while South Africa added $77,236 to theirs.

Total International Box Office to Date:
(through 3/21)


Total International Box Office Through LY Only
(through 3/14 - not updated for last week-end)

Brazil $521,938
Bulgaria $10,951
Greece $176,736
Malaysia $20,697
New Zealand/Fiji $90,878
Philippines $73,512
Romania $37,907
Sweden $120,783

Total $842,451

Total International Box Office Reported:

Total Worldwide Box Office:

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Anonymous said...

I've been so sad about the low box office #s in the US. I'm happy to hear that the #s worldwide are better. :) This movie is brilliant and deserves better reviews & recognition than it has been receiving.
Thanks for posting!!!!!

kat said...

The international numbers have been great!

Sophie said...

Is is true that next week-end will be RM's last week-end in the USA and that it will pulled out of theaters after that? I can't believe that. I hope it's only a rumour. The BO foreign numbers look good and it's not even been released everywhere in Europe yet - there's still Spain, Italy, France, the UK, Germany etc...

Anonymous said...

After reading the negative reviews, I considered not seeing the film. I'm so glad that I did - a complicated and well acted film with an atypical ending. The entire cast was terrific. See it if you haven't already!

Anonymous said...

Shame on America for not supporting this American generated film. Very well done and great acting!!

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