Thursday, March 25, 2010

Tu' Interview with Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson was interviewsd by the Mexican Tu' Magazine while doing press for Remember Me in New York City.

Twilight Poison has translated and posted the article on-line.

We were the only ones to talk to Rob alone inside his elegant suite at the Loews Hotel-Regency, in Park Avenue, New York City. He was nice, humble and he talked about everything about his new movie Remember Me.

As he’s describing his adventures on the set of the movie, which was total chaos, we found it interesting that the super star talks in such a low register that we were actually afraid our recorder wouldn’t pick up his voice during the interview. On one side, director Allen Culter assured us that he wasn’t exagerating when he told us about the crowds of fans on the set of the movie: “There were girls that actually flew from Japan to see Rob making this movie. It was terrible. It really made the shooting a nightmare”.
In Remember Me, Rob has the company of Emilie de Ravin, Chris Copper,Lena Olin, and Pierce Brosnan, who describes Pattinson as: “a young man who has been catapulted into the stratusphere of fame. As far as I can tell, he has a good heart, he’s humble, and he was very brave when he chose de role of Tyler, because he’s carrying the weight from Twilight, literally breathing on his neck. It’s up to him to choose interesting roles to film in between filming blockbuster movies”.

After waiting for him for over 30 minutes on his suite, he finally appears, smiley as ever and very shy, sporting black jeans, grey t-shirt with a black t-shirt underneath, green jacket and a bottle of water in hand. We are meeting him to talk about his movie Remember Me, a movie in which he plays a very different guy from his character in Twilight: “he’s someone who, after the loss of his brother, he feels lost. He has wealthy parents but he’s very proud and he’s not good at anything. He has attitude problems, which is not unusual for someone his age, when you think you know more than everybody else”.

To read the rest of the interview and see the scans, please click here:

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