Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #14

"It must be nice living at the bookstore, by yourself, with all your stacks of books. But, you see, I actually plan on having a career, and a wife, and a girlfriend, and a... and a divorce, and a mid-life stalking episode, and an erectile dysfunction."


soozy said...

OK....this is my absolute favorite scene! I love the interaction between Tyler and Aiden. It's obvious that in his way, Aiden has had enough and is tired of being dragged into Tyler's drama. You get the impression that this isn't the first time that Tyler has been arrested. He's way too comfortable in this scene with his predicament. Meanwhile, Aiden is anything but....and then he uses big words...even if he did get them off the back of a cereal box.

I like the way Aiden gets his point across but is able to do it with humor. I'm sure he didn't intend to be funny but this, to me is one of Tate's best scenes and he pulled it off beautifully.

Heidi said...

I agree soozy, one of the best moments. This scene could have been the exact opposite-intense and serious if Aiden was too upset, but he's not angry enough that he can't still use his humor to his advantage. It works very well in this scene.

Two more weeks! Woot woot! :)

Seriously love this movie.

Anonymous said...

This is one of my favorite scenes in the movie (admittedly I have a lot of favorite scenes)! Can't wait for 6/22.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

In this scene, I wonder why Tyler kind of sneers at his friend for using a complicated word like "nihilistic", as if he implied that Aidan is not literate enough to know what that means. Is Tyler just provoking him? Aidan's got poor grades, we know that, but that's a bit rich coming from Tyler who doesn't even get grades at all. I still don't know what to think about that. I felt perplex at Tyler's behaviour - on the one hand he seems to care and to be sorry for Aidan (asking him softly if he's alright), on the other hand he snickers and teases him and seems to want to goad him.

LTavares2010 said...

"It must be nice living at the bookstore, by yourself, with all your stacks of books. But, you see, I actually plan on having a career, and a wife, and a girlfriend, and a... and a divorce, and a mid-life stalking episode, and an erectile dysfunction."

I love Aidan, he is the best and only friend of Tyler but I think it seems strange that the same guy that said those things to Tyler in this scene is the same guy that tells him to get closer to Ally for revenge, later. Did not he think at the possibility that Craig could discover everything? Certainly the consequences could be worst than the prison of Tyler. Just a thought.
Anyway I think Aidan is adorable, in his own way, he loves Tyler and he knows that.
Tate and Rob, a great partnership. they have different acting skills but this difference helps to highlight the difference of behaviour of their characters, becoming more interesting to see them together.

jessegirl said...

Soozy, Heidi, Anon...favourite scene? I love it too, but damn this is one movie where I find it really hard to find one favourite scene! Anonymous...’lots of favourite scenes’...lol.
I think this is one of my favourite quotes though; I laughed so hard in the theatre, every time, and, with repeat viewings, mouthed the words ‘cause I knew them so well.
Rum, I know, yes I think Tyler is provoking Aiden. Just like he provoked the other prisoners with that ‘pussies’ remark, shouting it from the safety of his other cell. It is not Tyler’s finest moment, making fun of his best friend that way. And Tyler enjoys Aiden’s anger. He is being nihilistic, rejecting so much, and is comfortable—as you said, soozy—because he’s coming very close to that state where he believes in nothing, or is trying that on for size, just like he tries everything else on for size. Huh! Oh yeah, he’s ‘auditing’ nihilism too. And Aiden is perplexed and annoyed that this is having far too real consequences; this is not a game for Aiden. He might not be taking college seriously, always partying, but he does care about it and about having a real life, a life outside a jail cell.

LTavares, I liked your very astute comments about Aiden then turning around and thinking up the revenge plan. I put that down to pure immaturity. Today’s quote shows, IMO, that Aiden wants a normal life, a real one, with problems but vitality. It’s the vigour Aiden puts into things. I think, if he applies himself, he has the capacity to be a good student and have that life come true,...with its erectile dysfunction...lol...because, he wants to be normal, and involved. So Tyler’s apparent apathy and Aiden’s vigour clash, and, like you said, the friends help each other and play off each other, -and Rob and Tate do the same as actors. Each friend shows the other the flaws in his perspective.

jessegirl said...

Okay, just re-read my comment and now see the irony of Aiden's vitality and his future, hypothetical erectile dysfunction. :)

jessegirl said...

Oh geez, why can't I stop.
I just remembered. I loved the physical acting in this scene. Aiden's stiff, jerky movements...hah...erect, versus Tyler's loose limbed pliant and pliable body, his almost fluid surrender to his predicament. Whoa. Okay, maybe it's because I've recovered from my cold, but there's an almost sexual aspect to Tyler's body, the soft slurring of motion like surrender. Meanwhile Aiden is ready to pound out of there, using any means--Tylers' Dad--necessary.
I don't mean to imply in any way that there is a homosexual undercurrent, not at all. Nothing between the men. But Tyler is trying on apathy and calling the other men 'pussies' because, I think, he himself feels impotent regarding Michael's demise. Here, it is his visible body movements which whisper, 'I give up. I concede defeat.' It's an almost feminine thing he's doing.

Okay, that's the weirdest comment I've made about this movie. I just remember Tyler's supple, fluid, wavering body. Watch him. I think he wants that surrender badly just about then, because if you give up, there's nothing more. And it is freeing. Hah. Just like sexual surrender. He wants it bad.

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

That's a very interesting comment jessegirl, about Tyler's fluid, wavering body. Really deep. I don't know if this is what was intended but it's worth thinking about it. In terms of pure acting, anyway, Rob always seems more comfortable when he's moving than when he stays static. The contrast between the ways Aidan and Tyler move - Aidan is hectic, jerky and vigorous, Tyler is supple, constantly moving but in a quieter, lither way, always pacing a bit like a lion in a cage - is quite striking.

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