Thursday, June 10, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #12

"Who's fat? Which Yankee is fat? Tell me."


LTavares2010 said...

"Who's fat? Which Yankee is fat? Tell me."

I love the way things happen at this scene. Tyler is bothered because he has had to invite his father for dinner because of Caroline and her art exposition but I think in his deep soul he also wanted to present Ally to his father, which demonstrates she is special to him. Charles, in turn, goes to dinner because he likes the fact that Tyler has taken the attitude of inviting him, to Charles it means that his son gives you importance and I do not know if it's for love, pride, curiosity, through it all or only for some of these reasons, he accepts and attends. Ally, very insightful, realizing the discomfort of Tyler in relation to Charles, decides to act diplomatically with the father of Tyler, maintaining a dialogue with him nice and light, leaving Tyler jealous and intrigued by her attitude. In the end she achieves her goal and lightens the atmosphere between the two men who can even talk in a way almost civilized. Ally here again serves as a connection, but now between Charles and Tyler.
Unfortunately the clime is broken by a phone call that causes the sudden departure of Charles and serves as the beginning of what will be an ugly fight between him and Tyler.
I love so much this scene for one reason: Ally. I love more than ever her attitude with the two and I got the impression that all this time, was missing someone like her to make the relationship between Tyler and Charles work.
Pierce and Emilie are very well, natural and funny and Rob (I love his facial expressions at this scene) is great and funny, too.

jessegirl said...

Yes, LTavares, Ally is the diplomat and she does it quite skilfully. She also thinks up a ‘fat’ Yankee, so that Tyler will think she’s on his side, but she does it in a playful way and interacts with Charles lightly. She tries to remove the heaviness from the dialogue, whereas Tyler is just itching to fight, even before the phone call. He starts with: ‘He can stand me up...’ He’s irritated even before his Dad comes in. But Ally tries to defuse that anger with the light banter.

Now this statement of Charles means he rises to Tyler’s bait. Charles has taken his stand, which opposes his son, and forces Tyler to defend his own position. But he also brings up the fact that, as a child, Tyler liked the Yankees too, and dressed as one for Halloween once. Charles it trying to refer to past happy family times, but Tyler is having none of it. The phone call from the office is just what Tyler needs to nurse his resentment: ‘It’s not good enough.’ He moves off in a huff dragging Ally along, and they leave the restaurant before Charles. So, despite Charles’ general affability, Tyler acts like he’s seen it all many times before, been stood up before, and isn’t taken in.

InstantKarmaGirl said...

This scene shows, I think, Tyler's unwillingness to give his father another shot.

He has closed himself off to seeing his father as a person and has fixed Charles as being a 2-D character from a book...The barely even one dimensional god from Michael's book.

He doesn't recognize that he's trying. He doesn't recognize that no one has the power to make him feel anything. Only Tyler has the power to change his attitude.

I get why he is the way he is, but this scene clearly shows that Charles can and will engage with his son and the people who are important in his son's life. It also shows that Tyler is incapable of meeting him half-way.

But that is the attitude of youth. There will always be more time to get over things...but the older you get, the quicker you realize that asteroids can hit at anytime.

This is not to shift any blame for the situation from Charles, however, in this scene, apart from taking that phone call, which was important to him, he's don't nothing wrong. He never once made Ally feel less than him because her father was a working man, a policeman. I think that's admirable.

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