Saturday, June 12, 2010

"Why I am Excited" for the Remember Me DVD

Some more reasons why we are excited for the Remember Me DVD!

"I am UBER excited for the dvd release of this movie bc its Rob's best role to date. It really showcases his range and talent. The boy can act. Plus I can slow mo and replay the sexy times :)"

This is one movie that compels you to watch it over and over is that good. All the characters become like part of your extended family; you laugh with them in the funny moments and shed the tears along with them in the painful ones. Remember Me makes you think about those you love and cherishing the moments you now have that could be gone in an instant. I am excited because I can't wait to watch it again to relive the moments in Remember Me...LOVE this movie!

I love this movie. I was afraid I wasn't going to like it when I first saw it because of course I cannot get Edward Cullen out of my head and I wasn't sure how I would like Rob's character in Remember Me.
He was so good in this movie. I have to have this on DVD.

the reason i am excited for the Remember me film is because rob is a great handsome actor and the previews of the movie was makin me more and more ready to see it in theaters.but i didnt get to see it and also because my birthday is the 20th the day before its released :)

I am excited to own the DVD and hear the commentary and see the extras and bonus features.

I am excited for the #RememberMeDVD because I want to show my family what all my "hype" was about.

I am excited for this movie so i can give the finger to the haters. #RememberMeDVD

I want to savor every single day that I'm alive.

NEED DVD cuz dying to watch again!! Daughter is Rob fan & 4 me? @piercebrosnan!

I'm excited for the DVD because I want to listen to the commentary. I love hearing the actors' reactions #RememberMeDVD

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