Saturday, June 12, 2010

Countdown to DVD Release - Favorite Quotes

Quote #10

"OK. Using your sister is just dirty pool."


jessegirl said...

It’s funny but that was a really short piece in the film, practically not any more to it than this—and the two sailboats, Rum—but I thought there’d be so much more, because there were so many pap photos, esp. Rob in that beige shirt, which he also wore later when he supposedly ran to catch up with Ally at school. The running scene was cut and this one was tiny.

Well, maybe Tyler did use Caroline that way; after all, after the haircutting incident Ally came to comfort even though she was on the outs with Tyler, so maybe she’d soften with Caroline close by. It makes sense. And I guess it means that Tyler initiated contact, calling her or something, which indicates that he took action. That’s significant. But, perhaps because the scene was so short, it seemed half-hearted, subdued action. Anybody have any thoughts?

WhyIstheRumAlwaysGone said...

The two sailboats @jessegirl _ ah yes, another symbol. Two sailboats cruising on the waters of life and never meeting... I don't think this shot was innocent. I agree with you, this scene must have been edited a lot and it's probably what remains of a longer scene in the park - there were all these set pics of Tyler running after ally and they're gone. I even don't understand the order in whihc they've choosen to show the scene - first you see Tyler and Ally walking and talking, heading towards the park, then all of a sudden Ally seems to pop out of nowhere, maybe to say hi to Caroline - and she finds Tyler waiting there in ambush, and looking a bit guilty. I've always thought they reversed the order :first you should have seen them saying hi to Caroline then walking and talking together. I think something's off heer with the editing.

LTavares2010 said...

"OK. Using your sister is just dirty pool."

I love Ally, so strong, secure and full of good feelings. She knows how to make the things happen, she has sense of humour. She is everything that Tyler needs. Rob and Emilie, are always perfect.

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