Monday, June 7, 2010

Tyler's Diary for Sale

So anyone have an extra $4999.99 sitting around collecting dust and want to know what Rob really wrote in the diary? Here's your chance!!

Premiere Props of of El Segundo, CA is offering props from Remember Me for sale. And one of those props just happens to be Tyler's diary!

Their description of the diary:
Direct from the set of Remember Me, this is Tyler Hawkins' (Robert Pattinson) double, extremely distressed and dirty, worn brown leather with robe tie, handwritten pages and mementoes inside, journal distressed for the WTC scene. This is an incredibly key prop from the film and would be a fantastic keepsake from the film! (approx. 7" x 4" rolled up)

Check them out here: They have quite a few other more affordable props for sale to
Premiere Props

Thanks to Rum at Regards sur le film Remember Me for the link!

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jessegirl said...

Okay, Rum, and everyone else, you all know how I covet this little piece of RM. But only if it really has Rob's real scribblings in it. Seriously. And I have to laugh. See the next post and my comment there and you'll know why.

I'm sooo serious and idealistic and Rob's just this cosmic joker. After all my ambassadorship--is that a word?--of this movie, you'd think Nick Osborne or somebody would gift one of us with this little memento. lol-

Sure you don't want it, Rob? If I were you, I would. Look back when I'm old and gray and sigh, "Ah, yes, I remember that dumb diary, the 'diary of a wimpy kid'. That Tyler was one messed up brat." Then he'd show it to his grandson, suitably named Tyler, who would add his crayon marks to a particularly saucy page. "Hey, Ty," Rob would say, "what did you do to grandad's special diary?" And he'd laugh because little Ty knew just where to add his art work--I won't give it away.
'Course, when Rob's finished WFE, he won't be able to take Rosie home. Maybe she could scare the paps away.

Gone off on a little tangent, there.

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